Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs Review

Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs

  Sometimes staying hydrated requires something more than water but without the calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners contained in many sports drinks. Enter Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs. These tabs have less than 10 calories and 0 grams of sugar per serving. Just drop one tab in 16 oz. water and wait for a couple of minutes for the tab ...

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Pearl Izumi Headquarters


At Active Gear Review we test gear and equipment to get a real world in-depth analysis.  This report is a glimpse at one of those companies that creates some of those product we use everyday. I had the good fortune to take a tour recently of the new Pearl Izumi American Headquarters in Louisville, CO. Welcome to Pearl Izumi HQ Pearl Izumi is a company ...

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super.natural baselayer review

super.natural baselayer
Men's Base 1/4 Zip 175

super.natural baselayer First Thoughts super.natural offers a wide range of performance apparel, including both outerwear and base layers in men’s and women’s lines.  The focus seems mostly to be on a range of outdoor activities including running, hiking, climbing, cycling, and skiing.  This fall, I’ve been wearing the Men’s Base 1/4 Zip 175.  Made from a blend of merino wool, ...

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Offpiste UltraPack 7 + 3

offpiste ultra pack

The Offpiste UltraPack 7+3 is a flexible, versatile, configurable (and any other word that means you can do anything with it!) backpack for the active athlete.  It has loads of modular options giving you the ability to organize your “stuff” in any configuration necessary.  This helps your items stay put regardless of the activity you’ve chosen for that day’s adventure. ...

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Spy Optic Frazier Review

Spy Optic Happy Lens Frazier

Want to be happier? Spy Optic recently released their Happy Lens lineup. They come in all different frames and lens colors. This review will focus on the Spy Optic Frazier Frame with Bronze Polar with Green Spectra Lens. These lightweight sunglasses are an excellent companion for sunny and snowy days as they are very comfortable and look great. Preface I think ...

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