Pelican Elite Cooler Review

Pelican Elite Cooler

There are coolers, and then there are ‘COOLERS’. In comparing a Ford Fiesta versus a Mercedes-Benz S-Class automobile; the fact that they will both get you from point A to point B is really only a very small part of the equation. Obviously quality, comfort, enjoyment, performance, and price factor in as an important part of that decision. It is ...

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Thule Urban Glide Stroller Review

Thule Urban Glide

Size does matter!  8”or 10” just isn’t enough.  12” is a good start, and 16” really makes an impression.  That’s right! Any active outdoor individual with little ones will need at least a 12” tire on a running stroller. It’s a good thing the Thule Urban Glide has a 12” front tire, and two 16” rear tires. Strollers come in ...

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Specialized Roval Rapide SL 35 Review

Specialized Roval Rapide

You can get into all kinds of crazy ‘geek-ing’ out about carbon layering, component groups, and aero or weight saving gadgets for your bike. However, the general consensus for the optimal way to upgrade your beloved bike is by acquiring a nice set of wheels. Durability, stiffness, lightweight, and strength are some of the key elements that go into making that ...

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GSI Macro Table Review

GSI Macro Table

Car camping is so much more fun when you aren’t squished next to your neighbors in a busy campground. When you leave the comforts of a campground, you lose some amenities, including your standard picnic table. Fortunately, GSI provides some pretty sweet table alternatives that won’t take up much room in the car or even your pack. For this review, ...

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Vasque Pendulum II GTX Review

vasque pendulum II GTX

    MSRP: 149.99 Weight: 10.9oz, (308g) per shoe Specifications: 19mm heel-13mm forefoot- 6mm drop The Pendulum II GTX is a trail running shoe designed specifically to address a gap in the market… the space between the minimalist and maximalist camps. It takes features of both and delivers a lightweight laterally stiff shoe with great breathability, just the right flex, ...

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Smith Discord Review

Smith Discord Sunglasses

Price: $209 Fit: Medium Sized Face Sunglasses are one of those pieces of gear that we get so much use out of, yet they can sometimes be hard to generalize in a product review.  From one face to the next, there are dozens, if not hundreds of subtle changes that can change the way a pair of shades sit and ...

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Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller


Trigger Point Nano Roller Background One of the great advancements in running over the last 10 years or so has been the increase in products allowing the individual runner to perform muscle therapies themselves for injuries and general recovery. The use of rollers and massage devices can really help with stiff muscles and tight spots from hard training. One of ...

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