Toad and Co Boarding Pass Pants Review

Toad and Co Boarding Pass

There’s technical and then there’s fancy. Give me simple and comfortable with a touch of style all day long! If I could design my very own pair pants of pants, they would include a smooth design line, simple earth tone colors, some nice deep front pockets, a place to put my phone, and a comfortable waist line. The Toad and ...

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Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trousers Review


Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trousers I have to tell you, I am very excited about this opportunity to put a Fjallraven product to the test. I’ve been eyeing their line of clothing and accessories for a while now, because the old school rugged look really appeals to me. In general, Fjallraven sports a simple and casual design, but are equipped with ...

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XX2i Optics France 2 Sunglasses Review

xx2i optics france 2 kit

The XX2i Optics France 2 Sunglasses are half-rimmed polarized sport sunglasses that perform way above their price point. XX2i, from the makers of Rudy Project,  is committed to bringing high-quality sport sunglasses at affordable prices. The France 2 sunglasses bring all of the key features of more pricey sunglasses without doing nearly as much damage to your wallet including good ...

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Mountain Hardwear Loafer 2 Pants Review

Mountain Hardwear Loafer 2 Pants

Mountain Hardwear Loafer 2 Pants Review Sometimes work, play, and just hanging out happen all in the same afternoon. I find this is often the case when living in the mountains of Colorado.  It is great when you can find clothing that can be worn for all occasions.   Over the past months I had the chance to try out the ...

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Profile Design FC Hydration System Review

Profile Design FC Hydration System

Do you want a water bottle that’s aero, it’s easy to drink out of and you can place between your aero bars? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, keep reading, the Profile Design FC Hydration System is the water bottle for you. There are several options for aero bars hydration systems in the market currently; they all claim to be ...

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Leatherman Rev Review

Leatherman Rev

Leatherman Rev Review “We improve people’s lives by creating products which prepare them for the expected and unexpected.” This is the mission statement from Leatherman who has been producing multi-tools since 1983. A multi-tool is a product that combines multiple gadgets and tools into a single product. When venturing into the outdoors there are just too many situations where a multi-tool ...

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Thule Canyon Cargo Basket Review

Thule Canyon Cargo Basket

The Thule Canyon Cargo Basket First Thoughts This is one sleek addition to my 4×4 SUV that doubles as my daily around town commuter and weekend warrior to take to the mountains. Usually that entails kids, bikes, lots of gear, and a dog which usually makes the trip as well. That medium to larger sized Weimaraner takes up a good bit of ...

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Pelican Elite Cooler Review

Pelican Elite Cooler

There are coolers, and then there are ‘COOLERS’. In comparing a Ford Fiesta versus a Mercedes-Benz S-Class automobile; the fact that they will both get you from point A to point B is really only a very small part of the equation. Obviously quality, comfort, enjoyment, performance, and price factor in as an important part of that decision. It is ...

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