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June 17, 2009 , 3:21 pm

Sea to Summit X-Series Review

Sea to Summit X Bow X PlateWe took the X Bowl and the X Plate for a test drive and we have to admit, they come in pretty handy when trying to save space. We’ve found a number of uses for the X Bowl; we used it as a dog bowl, used it for a human bowl, used it on car trip and put it in the back of the seat, we used the bottom as a cutting board; the options are endless. You can even use the X Plate as a Frisbee, just be sure to wash it off before you use it for eating. That goes for the bowl as well if you are sharing it with your dog. Aside from alternative uses, the X series is lightweight for backpacking, and can withstand up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit which came in handy when drinking hot cocoa and coffee.   These dishes have been absolutely amazing and we highly suggest you taking a look.   You can find out more about these bowls or other Sea to Summit products at SeaToSummit.com.

Sea to Summit X Pot - 1.4 Liter
Winner of Backpacker magazine's 2015 Editors' Choice Award, the fully featured 1.4-liter X Pot fixes space constraints in your pack with flexible walls that allow it to collapse for compact storage.
Brand: Sea To SummitMerchant: REI
Sea to Summit X Set 11 Cookset
The collapsible X Set 11 Cookset offers a lightweight and compact solution for making hot meals and drinks in the backcountry. It includes a 1.3-liter X Pot Kettle and 2 X-Mugs.
Brand: Sea To SummitMerchant: REI
Sea to Summit X Pot 5-Piece Cookset
Pots, bowls and cups can be the bulkiest and most awkward items to fit in your pack. This cookset fixes that with flexible silicone walls that collapse down for compact storage.
Brand: Sea To SummitMerchant: REI
Sea to Summit X Bowl
Enjoy all your favorite camp foods and save room in your pack with the collapsible Sea To Summit X bowl.
Brand: Sea To SummitMerchant: REI

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