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Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket Review

Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket

While it’s nearly impossible to find a piece of gear that can do everything, it’s nice to have a gear that can do a lot of things.  The Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket has quickly risen to the top of my gear pile as it is a workhorse in most situations.  While Patagonia as a brand has a lot of focus on climbing which explains many of its products names, I would not consider myself a climber.  I do however feel that a lot of their products like the Piton Hybrid Jacket cross over into a number of different activities.

Patagonia Piton Hybrid JacketSome of my favorite cold weather activities include road and trail running, snowshoeing, hiking, and alpine, backcountry, and xc skiing.  I have used the Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket on almost all these activities and I absolutely love this jacket.  To start, it has an athletic fit, so you don’t get a lot of bulk in this jacket.  I am 6’0 tall and 175lbs and I wear a size medium.  2nd, the jacket has just the right amount of pockets.  Two normal side pockets and a chest pocket that carry just the right amount of stuff.  I usually through my cell phone, an energy bar or two, and other small items such as running gloves, beanie, etc.  Another small feature that I enjoy are the zipper pulls on the Piton Hybrid, they are long and big enough to grip with a pair of heavy gloves.

Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket

The fabric of the Patagonia Piton is made from Polartec Powerdry which does an excellent job at moisture management.  In short, it pulls away the moisture from your body and other clothing layers below and pushes the moisture to the outside of the jacket to evaporate.  The Piton Hybrid also has a small amount of Polartec Windpro to help block out the wind.  This I have only found helpful around the neck.  On the Patagonia website, it sounds like this jacket is more wind resistant or windproof than it really is.  I feel it blocks wind a little bit, but nothing close to a softshell jacket.  For windy days where I am not generating a lot of heat through exercise, I would want something with more protection.  For water resistance, there is a light coating of DWR that repels a light drizzle or snow, but if you get into medium to heavy rain or snow, it will soak through this jacket.  As long as you know what you’re getting into with how wind and water resistant this jacket really is, you should be safe.

Overall, I have been super happy with the Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket for what I used this jacket for.

Patagonia Piton Hybrid Jacket Forge Grey

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