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Vasque Inhaler GTX Review

Vasque Inhaler GTX Hiking Boot Review

Vasque Inhaler GTX. If you’re looking for a hiking shoe built for anything from challenging, rocky terrain to brisk urban trekking, the Vasque Inhaler GTX is for you. This is…

Vasque St. Elias Hiking Boot Review

Vasque St. Elias Hiking Boot Review

…will also stand the test of time. The value for the quality is there. The Vasque St. Elias Hiking Boots will be available this Spring. For more information, visit www.vasque.com….

Vasque Snow Junkie Ultradry

Vasque Snow Junkie Ultradry Boot Review

…happy to give these boots my two thumbs up. For more information on the Snow Junkie Ultradry and other Vasque products, please visit www.vasque.com or www.amazon.com/vasque. Weight: 2lb. 5oz. (1050g)…

Vasque Lost 40 Winter Boot Review

Vasque Lost 40 Winter Boot Review

…able to grip ice as well as we’d hope, but this isn’t unique to the Vasque Lost 40 Winter Boot. Vasque Lost 40 Winter Boot Lacing and Comfort The Vasque

Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot Review

…with the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX and would highly recommend this boot to those that want a hiking boot for the coming seasons. For more information visit www.vasque.com or www.amazon.com/vasque….

Vasque Lost Winter Boot Review

Vasque Lost Winter Boot Review

Men’s Lost 40 Women’s Lost 40 Having cold and wet feet means having to call it quits. When you put on the Vasque Lost Winter Boots, you’ll have all the…

Vasque ReConnect HERE Shoe Review

Vasque Re:Connect HERE Shoe Review

…to ensure a perfect fit, especially when investing in a high-quality shoe like the Re:Connect HERE. If you would like more info on these or Vasque’s other footwear, visit www.vasque.com….