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About the Site

Here at ActiveGearReview.com, we strive to provide our fellow outdoor and athletic enthusiast useful information on the gear they are looking to purchase for future outings. We test out all the gear ourselves to give you the most reliable and trustworthy reviews. With our vast background in outdoor and athletic gear, it is important to know that we test and review only products that we would be interested in purchasing ourselves.


We are always interested in presenting the latest and greatest gear; so if you think your product has what it takes to make the site, please email mark@activegearreview.com


We feel acting in a responsible manner in conjunction with our environment is incredibly important.  It can be hard to make a big difference as one individual, but we try not to let that get us down.  Things that ActiveGearReview.com does includes; recycling almost all of our waste, composting all compostable material, using a web hosting company that uses 100% wind energy, reusing or giving away all boxes that we get from shipments, picking up trash on the trail while hiking or trail running, and the list goes on and on.

We often get a lot of products to test and we make sure that all products that are not used after testing are put in the right hands, usually donated to charities.

What it all comes down to is doing the right thing, if we do the right thing for the people around us and our environment, the world in which we live will be a better and a more enjoyable place.

The Outdoor Industry

Being involved in the outdoor industry is one of the most rewarding things one can do.  Whether it is working, volunteering, supporting, or just taking advantage of the vast amounts of resources our lovely planet has to offer.  With obesity being such a big problem in today’s society, we feel it is our responsibility to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors and stay active.  As active enthusiast, we know how rewarding it is to stay active, and we want the whole world to be able to experience that feeling.  With our current world in such a rush 25 hours a day, taking a minute to get out for a run, ride, hike, or camp trip can be a great way to help us to keep our sanity.  Many of the companies that are involved in the outdoor industry also feel this way and promote this ideology, so we feel it is important for consumers to support them when possible.

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