Gore-Tex TransRockies 2012 Wrap Up

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  1. Shannon says:

    This year I did the Run 3! The only bad thing about the entire event was that I had to stop after 3 days of running. I so wish that I could have continued for the full 6 day running event. In the Run 3, you run approximately 1/2 of the course at come out with about 60 miles of ground covered.
    The 3 day event is a great option if you have never done a stage race or run that many miles back to back in the past. It also allows you to run solo if you are unable to find a partner or simply do not want a partner. I didn’t find running solo to be lonely at all, on the contrary–all the folks that I met along the trail were lovely to talk with and kept me motivated. It was easy to make new friends off the trail, as we all have something in common, our love for trail running. I am hoping that with a little more training I can tackle the full 6 day event next year!

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