COROS Unveils APEX 2 Dusty Pink: An Elegant Adventure Companion

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Today, COROS Wearables Inc. introduced the APEX 2 Dusty Pink, a limited edition outdoor GPS watch that marries elegance with the spirit of adventure. This exclusive release beautifully captures the ever-changing canvas of the sky above diverse landscapes, embracing the magic of dawn and dusk.

The APEX 2 Dusty Pink is not your typical sports watch. It goes beyond mere functionality, encapsulating the essence of adventure and the allure of the transition between day and night. The delicate Pink hue mirrors the skies during these enchanting moments, seamlessly blending durability with grace, making it equally at home in rugged terrains and urban settings.

Made for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers seeking a balance of durability and style, it offers the reliability to tackle any terrain with a touch of elegance.

Features of the APEX 2 Dusty Pink include:

  • Round-the-Clock Heart-Rate Monitoring: Utilizing COROS’ advanced optical heart rate sensor, this watch ensures continuous heart-rate tracking to keep you in your optimal training zone.
  • Precision GPS Connectivity: The APEX 2 Dusty Pink simultaneously connects to all five major global satellite systems, delivering pinpoint accuracy for your GPS tracking.
  • Extended Battery Life: With up to 45 hours of GPS tracking or a remarkable 17 days of daily smart use, this watch is your trusted companion on extended adventures.
  • Global Offline Maps: Embark on your journeys with confidence, thanks to global offline maps featuring landscape, topography, and hybrid views.
  • Connected Features: The APEX 2 Dusty Pink offers Wi-Fi sync, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, music playback, and more, elevating your outdoor experience.

To further personalize your experience, users can pair their APEX 2 with the COROS POD 2 and COROS HR Monitor (check out the review here) for even more precise data. COROS users also enjoy unlimited free access to a comprehensive suite of Training Solutions:

  • COROS EvoLab: A state-of-the-art sports science platform that provides personalized fitness, fatigue, and performance assessments, aiding athletes in maximizing their training efforts and achieving their fitness goals efficiently.
  • COROS Training Hub: An advanced training analysis tool with direct communication with your coach, facilitating valuable insights and feedback.
  • COROS Coaches: Gain access to personalized guidance from COROS’ team of experts, real coaches offering real advice to help you unlock your athletic potential.
  • COROS Training Plans and Workouts: From 5k runs to ultra-distance challenges, users can create their plans or opt for those designed by coaches and COROS Pro Athletes like Emelie Forsberg, Des Linden, Eliud Kipchoge, Kilian Jornet, and Molly Seidel.

COROS Wearables Inc. cordially invites adventure enthusiasts to embrace the perfect blend of adventure and elegance with the APEX 2 Dusty Pink. This limited edition timepiece ensures you are fully equipped for your outdoor escapades and urban explorations. To learn more about this and other COROS products visit

Nazar Kluchkovskiy: Nazar is an avid ultra trail runner who has been competing in challenging races since his teenage years. When he's not pushing himself to the limit on the trails, he enjoys spending quality time with his family in the great outdoors. Camping, mountain biking, hiking, and exploring new trails are some of his favorite activities. He finds being surrounded by the beauty of nature invigorating and is constantly on the lookout for new adventures and breathtaking landscapes to explore.
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