Arc’Teryx ReBIRD Store Concept

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The Arc’Teryx ReBIRD Concept

It’s certainly quite a refreshing concept! An approach of circularity that promotes sustainability in its gear. Arc’Teryx, a well-known outdoor apparel brand from Canada, got its start back in 1989. Back then, it focused on outerwear and climbing gear, but now has a full line of active outdoor products to suit many of the athletic pursuits I enjoy.

The brand is known for its high-end quality and durability. With that, comes an above average price tag. Many don’t mind paying that as Arc’Teryx has quite the following. I consider my purchases carefully, and a quality piece that performs and lasts will many times win over an inferior and cheaper item.

The Arc’Teryx ReBIRD store basically brings a full blown repair shop right to the consumer. I hate throwing away items, because of what seems like a large issue. In reality, the main items of failure are actually able to get fixed right inside the store while you wait, or as you do some other shopping.

The Arc’Teryx ReBIRD Store In Boulder, CO

The thing with gear is that it does get put to the test, and of course can certainly fail over time and with use. The components that do tend to break down with wear and tear are the zippers, the zipper pulls, the cuffs and/or the unfortunate tear.

Washing your gear is a good thing. We should do it more often which is what the staff told me. Reapplying DWR is not that difficult. You can do it yourself, or bring it in,.

The ReBird concept has been launched to help prolong the life of your Arc’Teryx apparel. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact of another jacket or pants going into the landfill. The waterproofing, the DWR coating, does wear out or diminish with time. Hence, bring it into the store and they will wash and dry it for a re-invigorated weather proofed outerwear piece. Durable water repellency can also be re applied. This is something you can do yourself of course, but they will do this right there in the store.

An issue that does occur from time to time is that that the seams come undone. They have a heat press in the store and material to help you repair that. Plus patches!!

The Arc’Teryx store in boulder on 1600 Pearl street is the third store to be outfitted with the ReBIRD concept, but it is by far the most extensive and complete set up. The Boulder (as well as Colorado as a whole) outdoor lifestyle fanatics do tend to be next-level and the concept has proven popular with locals. They will do what they can in the store to help repair an item. If it does require a more extensive repair, they would be happy to have their team of experts tackle the problem.

Zippers of all shapes, sized, and colors to repair and complement your piece of gear.

A Comprehensive List Of Services

  • In-store after-sales assessment in accordance with Arc’teryx Limited Warranty, Practical product Lifespan and standard repair operating procedure. This includes GORE-TEX™ leak testing.
  • Hands-on education about product care.
  • Zipper slider, pull-cord replacement, with color choice.
  • Zipper pull and bottom box replacement.
  • Cord ends, cord locks and buckle replacement.
  • Adhesive patches and heat-pressed internal patches.
  • A selection of replacement parts for purchase, including pack shoulder straps, sternum straps, stuff sacks for down products.
  • Technical washing and reapplication of DWR
  • Color choices are offered for full zipper replacements, which are then sent to ARC’One, the Arc’teryx-owned and operated factory in New Westminster, BC, Canada.
  • GORE-TEX™ color choices are offered for fabric replacement, to be repaired by a recommended independent technical repair shop

Pull cord strings, anyone?

Last Thoughts On The Arc’Teryx ReBIRD Concept

I believe Arc’Teryx is certainly one of the leading outdoor apparel companies. Their gear designers and manufacturing capabilities are top notch, and their name has a had a long lasting appeal with many who have their gear. This added element of sustainability speaks to my greener side and I am sure to others as well.

The Arc’Teryx ReBIRD store is really a one of a kind and innovative concept that is groundbreaking. We’ve all likely returned items back to a brand, or sent it back to get fixed. There’s shipping, handling and certainly timing involved that isn’t always ideal. I am still more of a hands on person when shopping for my outdoor gear, so trying something on will always be something I do before ordering on-line. The same goes for this in-store repair shop. If a zipper pull or small patch can be replaced on short notice, I will take advantage of that. For more information on ReBird, please visit

Right out in front of the store is one of Boulder’s waste receptacles which separates trash, recycling, and compostable items. That fits nicely with what Arc’Teryx is doing.

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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