BrightLoc – Bike Lighting and U-Lock In One

BrightLoc redefines the traditional bicycle light and U-lock by combining the two to provide 360-degree visibility and the perfect lock for a range of cyclists

Solving two everyday problems with one simple, lightweight device, BrightLoc is the safety and visibility essential every cyclist needs. Whether commuting to and from work or riding around the neighborhood for fun, BrightLoc understands how important it is to be seen while on the road and to secure your bike when you’ve arrived at a destination.

Its design elevates the standard U-lock by combining it with front and rear lights that attach to the bicycle providing 360-degree visibility and a headlamp with a wide range of light settings, ranging from 400 to 1000 Lumens. Now cyclists can see the road ahead and drivers can see them.

“If cyclists want to be seen and secure their bikes, they often need several items including lights, headlamps and locks,” said co-creators David Majeski and Brian Himelright. “We knew there had to be a more efficient way to ensure riders could be safe and also lock their bikes when they reach their destination. So we created BrightLoc.”

BrightLoc’s light and lock design is completely modular, and offers bikers the option to take their front and rear light modules with them when they lock up their bike, or leave the lights securely on the BrightLoc U-lock itself. BrightLoc’s watertight U-lock is constructed with hardened steel and a keyed double deadbolt with an LED-lighted key for maximum security and easy use at night. Weighing in at just four pounds, this security rated lock is easy to mount and use, and it will fit a wide range of bicycles from strand cruisers to performance bicycles thanks to its multiple mounting points.

Cyclists no longer need to spend precious money on multiple accessories to achieve security and visibility. Now, one device achieves maximum visibility while riding and maximum security when you’ve reached your destination.

BrightLoc starts at just $49 for a limited time. To pre-order or learn more about BrightLoc, visit

About BrightLoc

BrightLoc was started as part of the Product Innovation Lab at North Carolina State University. Created by cyclists, for cyclists, co-creators David Majeski and Brian Himelright took their passion for cycling and set out to solve two key difficulties cyclists face: safety and security. They solved the problem of rider visibility and bike security by re-imagining the standard bicycle lock and light kit. For more information, visit

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