Author: Niels Oomkes

Helinox Bench One

Helinox Bench One Review

First Thoughts on the Helinox Bench One For the past 10 years, Helinox has been coming up with some really ingenious outdoor product designs. Lightweight, strong, packable, and plenty of outdoor uses have placed...

Tecnica Plasma S GTX

Mold-able Tecnica Plasma S GTX Shoe Review

Tecnica Plasma S GTX Hiking shoes have come a long way. The technological advances, research, and testing are a big part of every shoe designers’ modus operandi. Tecnica Sports takes that approach to the...

Reggie Lightning Vest

The REGGIE Lightning Vest Review

The Reggie Lightning Vest. This vest is loud, bright, and proud. I’ll review it for its fit, comfort, and material quality. In all reality, the Reggie Lightning Vest is all about its design and...