Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack Review

The old adage about weather in Colorado is, if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes. This really makes it difficult to prepare for the outdoors. Seattle Sports, a company who specializes in dry bags, is creating products like the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack as a way to fight back against the sudden downpour. Since 1983 Seattle Sports have been using an innovative radio frequency seam welding process to create dry bags.

Today their dry bags product line has evolved into many other products such as cases, car-top accessories, bike accessories, and a line up of paddling gear all the while keeping much of their manufacturing here in the United States. Throughout this cold and wet spring here in the Rockies I have been using the LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack for fishing, hiking, rafting, and general outdoor use. See why this pack has become my go-to for gear hauling.

About the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack

Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack with ModPok

The LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack is a medium sized pack at 30 liters. Manufactured from urethane coated polyester makes it impervious to water. The seams of the pack are welded adding an additional layer of waterproofing confidence to the bag.

In the front of the backpack there is a small water proof pocket. This pocket is large enough to fit a cell phone or car keys.  Additionally, there are multiple lash points where items and supplies can be attached.

Front Lashing Points

The straps on the LocoDry Fordr Backpack are unique. These use the Locomodiv design which are made from silicon and can be swapped out for different colors. Both black and neon green colored straps are included and additional colors can be purchased separately as well. The Locomodiv straps easily attach and come off as needed turning the backpack into a dry bag. There is also a removable hip belt to add extra security when wearing the pack.

LocoModiv Straps

LocoModiv Straps Connection Clips

An additional feature of the PacnModPoc Backpack is the ModPok. The ModPok is a water bottle and small storage unit that is attached to the lashing on the front of the bag. This smaller pack can be removed and used separately as well.

Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack ModPoc

Field Testing the LocoDry Fordr Backpack

I never really knew I needed the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr until I started using it. Having a waterproof pack has made a world of difference in my outdoor equipment.

Great Design

The pack itself is has a good design. The roll top opening with the velcro over the top strap is fairly easy to get open and creates a large opening to access the contents. Seattle Sports does make a similar pack with a zipper instead of the roll top system.

The straps on the backpack are different than that of any other pack that I have used. The silicon construction is unique. This design did take some getting used to but they have definitely grown on me. Their functionality is great. I like that they are completely waterproof and do not get waterlogged when submerged. Also, these straps are pretty comfortable. They feel good on the shoulders and I would imagine with a heavy load they would provide some cushioning by their flex.

Wearing the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack

Wearing the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack From the Side


The Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr Backpack has been an awesome fishing pack. The main compartment is the perfect size to carry my gear, and it is waterproof! We have had a great and much needed wet spring here in the Rockies. We have also had snow all the way through June which has made much of our outings pretty soggy. Having a pack that can handle being dunked, rained on, and set in wet locations is awesome. Over the years, I have been accustomed to my gear getting wet when it is nasty outside. This pack has been a game changer. On my last float trip our raft was caught in some foul rain/snow/hail that left everything and everyone soaked. I mean, everything that was not in the pack.

Outside the boat when fishing the backpack is super useful. This pack is great for wade fishing even in deep water. When wading out far, it is common for packs and vests to get dunked, soaking the contents inside. Having a waterproof pack makes less worry when wade fishing. This is also a fairly good sized bag. It holds everything I need for a day’s outing. There is only one large pocket on the inside of the pack, so it was useful for me to have some smaller stuff sacks to help organize my contents.

Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack Fighting a Fish

Even Useful in the Urban Environment

With such a good design the LocoDry Fordr Backpack makes for a good choice in everyday packs. Although it might be a little goofy for a school bag, there have been many times riding my bike to work or school where I would have killed for a pack like this.

The ModPok has been a nice addition since this attachment allows for easy access to the water bottle. This holder fits a regular, 32oz. Nalgene bottle perfectly. I have also found other uses for the ModPok, most notably as a fishing net holder when wading. I am sure there are other uses for this versatile compartment as well.

Specs on the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc Backpack Taken Directly from Seattle Sports

  • MSRP $134.95
  • Patented modular silicone shoulder straps are easy to change
  • 2 closure options: 3-roll waterproof closure or quick access over-the-top closure
  • Welded seams
  • Included: 2 sets of silicone straps (black & neon green) 1 Removable Modular pocket (ModPok™) that doubles as a convenient shoulder bag & water bottle holder
  • Removable hip belt
  • Comfortable / breathable mesh back panel
  • Heavy-duty 600d urethane-coated polyester

Final Thoughts on the LocoDry Fordr Backpack

A waterproof backpack, like the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr PacnModPoc, should be part of every outdoor adventurer’s gear. This is a great pack for keeping gear dry when it is wet outside. No matter if it is rain, snow, or playing in a lake or river the Seattle Sports LocoDry Fordr is made to keep your gear safe and dry. With features like the Locomodiv straps, the roll top access, and the ModPoc water bottle attachment, this pack should be considered for your next outdoor gear purchase.

For more information on the LocoDry Fordr Backpack and other Seattle Sports products, visit

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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