Camping Gear Upgrades for 2022

A rewarding camping trip starts with packing the right gear to ensure you can manage the conditions. But if your camping checklist has a few missing pieces or if your equipment is starting to show it’s age, it might be time to make an update or two. A few camping gear upgrades will make your time outdoors that much more enjoyable. And with this collection of camping gear we are aiming to make that task a little easier. It is broken down into five main categories: sleep comfort, seating comfort, camp lighting / power, camp tools and camp kitchen, all of which includes pieces that we have tested ourselves and use on our own camping trips.

Camp Sleep

Outdoor Vitals Stormloft Down Topquilt

Whether you’re sleeping under the stars or slumbering in the shelter of a tent, you’ll be grateful to have the ultralight warmth of this Outdoor Vitals Stormloft Down Topquilt. Its packable design makes it perfect for any type of camping, whether you’re off into the mountains or hitting up the local state campground. The lightweight 800-Fill Power HyperDry Water Repellent Down and box baffled construction provides exceptional warmth for backpacking trips, and the quilt can easily layer on top of a bag when conditions are colder. The Stormloft Down Topquilt provides a freeing feeling of unrestricted movement throughout the night, while the tapered bottom footbox can be slipped over a pad to eliminate drafts or over your feet for extra warmth. The Topquilt pairs extremely well with pads from Outdoor Vitals so you can customize a layering system specific to your camping needs. From $209.97

Exped MegaSleep Duo + 25 L

Perfect for camping couples, the Exped MegaSleep Duo + 25 L sleeping bag keeps you comfortable in a range of seasons. This roomy 4-in-1 bag has synthetic insulation for optimum warmth in temperatures ranging from 25 to 40 degrees. By flipping the bag over, it can be used as a two-person bag in cool or warm weather. The Exped MegaSleep Duo 25 sleeping bag is a double wide sleep solution that has the versatile ability to be separated into a 25 degree bag and a 40 degree bag, so that you have two solo bags. The bag has a roomy interior that offers plenty of space for up to two sleepers. So you’re welcome to cozy up with your partner, or unzip the bag into separate parts in case one of you heads out on a solo mission. MSRP $229.95

Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbed

As the name implies, the Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbed is an air mattress that Supports nothing but the coziest and dreamiest night’s rest. Featuring 18 inches of premium air filled bliss, this ultra-comfy bed combines a lavish feel with a PillowStop design that uses a raised head to help keep your pillows in place. The Support Lock reinforced construction lets you enjoy a more stable sleeping surface, while the Double Lock valve is dual-sealed to be leak-free. And with the convenience of an included pump, you’ll always be ready to sleep in comfort. MSRP $109.99

KAMUI Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Balancing a good night’s rest with lightweight packability is what the KAMUI Self Inflating Sleeping Pad does best. The internal construction is designed to provide maximum stability and comfort while minimizing weight and packed size. With an ample thickness of 2 inches and high rebound foam to cradle you as you sleep, you might end up spending more time in your tent than originally intended. The self inflation saves on lung capacity while you’re setting up camp and packing up is simple thanks to the three included compression bands and storage sack. The result – a pad that ensures sleepers are able to get the beauty rest they need in order to tackle an adventurous day ahead. MSRP $42 or

Exped FlexMat

Get a good night’s sleep with the lightweight and simplistic packability of the Exped FlexMat. The light, durable and versatile construction is designed to provide comfort while minimizing weight and packed size. The Exped FlexMat keeps set-up super easy thanks to the rapidly-deployable folding form. The die-cut foam packs small, easily fitting inside most ultralight packs when space is a concern. The result is a sleeping pad perfected for campers and backpackers who want their comfort but are tight on room. If space isn’t a concern the FlexMat is great to bring along for under a sleep pad insulation, extra comfort and puncture protection. MSRP $34.95

OneWind 12′ Zippered Camping Hammock

Ideal for campgrounds and the backcountry, the OneWind 12′ Zippered Camping Hammock is a lightweight, functional and easy to use hammock and bug net combination that keeps annoying pests out of your sleeping space. The full dimensions of the hammock are 12′ x 68″ and the total weight is 2.4 lbs. (including Tree Straps, Cinch Buckles, Ridgeline, Sack…) and it is designed to hold up to 500 pounds. This durable hammock uses 70D Hexagon Ripstop Nylon Fabric and nautical grade hanging line that ensures a safe and comfortable night out for years to come. The bug net is constructed of durable polyester mesh that mates together with the hammock using a convenient zippered opening that can be zipped up for protection from biting insects or when not in use simply slide the bug net to the end of the hammock. Whether you’re looking for a starter hammock or you need a bug protected comfy retreat, the Onewind Zippered Hammock is a great choice. MSRP $74.90

Camp Seating

Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair

Plenty of camping chairs offer features to keep you comfortable, but few can keep you warm when it is cold. The Terrain Heated Camping Chair from Gobi Heat features two heat zones made up of conductive-thread technology sewn into a durable 600/300 Denier Polyester located in the seat and lower back of the chair with three adjustable heat settings, low (113°F), medium (122°F), and high (131°F), that allows you to set your ideal temperature. It’s the perfect way to stay warm at your campsite and has an ultra-durable steel frame with a comfortably padded back and arms for hours of warm easy lounging. The heater is powered by Gobi’s efficient 7.4V 6,500 rechargeable lithium polymer battery, so you can enjoy the heat for up to 9 hours on low, 6 hours on medium, and 4.5 hours on high and is also versatile enough to charge a phone and other gadgets thanks to the built in USB port. Ideal for an outdoor night around the campfire, the Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair totes easily with it’s included carrying bag, ensuring that anywhere you go can be turned into a warm paradise. MSRP $199

CAMP&GO Soft Quad Arm Rocker

Bring the comforts of front porch laid back rocking to the camp site with the portable convenience of the CAMP&GO Soft Quad Arm Rocker. The chair is a full-size rocker that easily folds up to fit inside its included carry bag. It delivers smooth rocking while you enjoy time sitting around the campfire. CAMP&GO built the Soft Quad Arm Rocker with a durable lightweight frame and a rugged, waterproof seat, back, and armrests, so it can be enjoyed for years to come. With a CAMP&GO Soft Quad Arm Rocker in your gear collection you have no excuse to not relax on your next camping trip. MSRP $74.99

GCI Outdoor Legz Up Lounger

The GCI Outdoor Legz Up Lounger proves that camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Like a recliner for the great outdoors, this chair lets you choose one of four back tilt positions, then pull the handle to raise the footrest for complete comfort. This folding camp chair features a sleek design that delivers absolute comfort and is built for easy carrying thanks to the integrated backpack straps. The frame is solid and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to tote around in backpack carrying style. The GCI Outdoor Legz Up Lounger renders the ultimate relaxation and convenient carry for any campsite. MSRP $99.99

CAMP&GO Deluxe Hard Arm Quad Chair

Settle in to the CAMP&GO Deluxe Hard Arm Quad Chair for a late night marshmallow toasting or an after the hike rest and enjoy this totable chair’s sturdy comfort. The steel frame and breathable mesh back keeps cool air circulating, while the ergonomic padded armrests, headrest and back will keep you comfortable no matter where you are camping. A phone pocket and a beverage holster keeps the essentials at the ready. And the heavy duty frame and durable materials will keep this seat by your side for many years to come. If you happen to doze off next to the campfire, feel free to blame the coziness of the CAMP&GO Deluxe Hard Arm Quad Chair. MSRP $69.99

Exped SitPad

We always keep the Exped SitPad stashed in our vehicle so that we have a soft place to sit no matter what the day brings. The SitPad Flex is a rapidly deployed, lightweight, surprisingly comfortable and versatile closed-cell foam sit pad. The low profile, 3-panel design fits in side-pockets or mesh panels of backpacks and bike bags. It works great for extra padding or insulation in chairs, as well as a cushion on a kayak or canoe and of course by itself when there are no chairs available. The Exped SitPad is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you have one. MSRP $19.95

Camp Lighting and Power

Fenix E09R-15 Flashlight

Take charge with the Fenix E09R-15 Flashlight, whether you are going for a moonlit hike or gathering firewood for the campsite. With four brightness modes, this light is a supercharged pocketable light that is prepared for any camping task. The E09R-15 Flashlight is impact and weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable, so it doesn’t mind the occasional rain storm or accidental drop. With a built-in battery and USB Type-C rechargeability, with the port creatively hidden beneath the head to maintain appearance and create a dustproof and waterproof seal. The E09R-15 Flashlight is incredible bright and offers plenty of battery for week long camping trips, and with it’s pocket-sized portability, it is easy to pack and can be deployed at a moment’s notice. MSRP $39.95

Coleman 1900 Collection 600 Lumen LED Lantern

When we are adding light to our campsite we turn to the Coleman 1900 Collection 600 Lumen LED Lantern. This stylish and functional light features four different settings that light the night the way we want. Its lighting distance offers plenty of range when propped on the picnic table, letting us visibly grab what we need without scavenging around blindly. And it’s flashing setting helps us guide our friends back our way when they get a bit turned around after using the facilities. With the classic gas-burning lantern look, but in a modern design, the Coleman 1900 Collection 600 Lumen LED Lantern is a great lighting addition to any campsite. MSRP $74.99

Goal Zero Yeti 200X + Nomad 20

When you are going off the grid and know that you are going to need 120v power, but don’t want to haul along a generator. The Goal Zero Yeti 200X + Nomad 20 is the ultimate solution in a small, portable package. Power up your laptop, tablet, camera, phone or lights if you need to see just what it is you’re making for dinner. This 7.9 x 5.1 x 5.1 battery comes with a 120V AC outlet, two 2.4 amp USB A ports, a 3 amp USB C port, a 3 amp USB PD port, a 10 amp 6mm port and a 12v car port. The core of the Yeti 200X is an energy-dense 187Wh lithium-ion battery, equipped with protections against overcharging, short circuits and current surges. Plug in the Nomad 20 Solar panel and it keeps the Yeti 200X charged up and at the ready. Wherever you need power, the Goal Zero Yeti 200X + Nomad 20 bring it. MSRP $449.90

DuroMax XP2300iH 2,300 Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator w/ CO Alert

If your camping plans involve a long trip into the backcountry and you want to keep your electronics charged and campsite lit, look no further than the DuroMax XP2300iH 2,300 Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator w/ CO Alert. This dual fuel generator provides 2300 peak watts and 1800 running watts, delivering more than enough power for even large group camping, all while remaining whisper quiet (when not under heavy load) and safe thanks to the intelligently designed digital power control panel and CO sensor. This Inverter is equipped with dual fuel options for gasoline or propane and has a low idle control for increased fuel efficiency and rear wheels with an extending handle for easy transportation. It is also parallel capable, so if there are larger power demands, you can link two DuroMax generators together for twice the power. The DuroMax XP2300iH is light enough to carry, but powerful enough to take care of any camping electricity needs, and thanks to the versatility of the two fuel options it truly makes this one of the most ideal camping generators out there. MSRP $699

Camp Tools

Ranger Ready Repellants and Hand Sanitizer

Protect yourself and others at camp from biting insects, ticks, and insect transmitted diseases with Ranger Ready Repellents. This DEET-free repellent fends off insects with a 20% concentration of Picaridin for the body worn repellent and 0.5% for clothing worn repellent, combing them together provides the ultimate two layer protection against biting insects and insect transmitted diseases. Ranger Ready Repellents provides long lasting protection and offers much better protection than DEET with none of the unpleasant side effects. Compared to DEET based products, Ranger Ready is safer on gear, smells better, and doesn’t contain any neurotoxins. They do not use aerosol cans like most other products, making these some of the most sustainable and effective insect repellents on the market. If you want to keep biting critters from teeing off on you, but aren’t interested in dousing yourself in DEET, you need to pickup a bottle or two of the Ranger Ready Repellents. MSRP Varies

Coleman OneSource Air Bed Pump

Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Coleman OneSource Air Bed Pump is a camp essential for those of us who would rather not huff and puff into our air mattress for hours on end. All we have to do is slide it onto the bed’s valve cap, turn it on, then sit back and relax. The OneSource Air Bed Pump easily inflates and deflates a queen-size air mattress in under 2 minutes. It is also part of a system that powers outdoor gear, with rechargeable batteries that can be used interchangeably in a range of compatible devices, including lanterns, flashlights, wireless speakers, air pumps, camping tents, and shelters. As an added bonus the OneSource battery helps eliminate the need for multiple power sources by letting you charge external devices, like smartphones or tablets, through a USB port, even while powering other OneSource gear. MSRP $74.99

Wren Camp Hatchet with Sheath

When we’re heading into the backcountry we think a trusted companion is a must, and the Wren Camp Hatchet meets the mark. It features an ergonomic handle built from polished hickory that’s sturdy and comfortable to handle, and the carbon steel head is ideal for making kindling, doing light clearing, and for any number of backcountry jobs. Whether we’re using the Wren Camp Hatchet to sever logs for the campfire or while we’re gathering wood in the great outdoors, we’re assured a smooth chop, a great grip, and a sure swing. And it comes with a sheath to protect the blade when you’re not using it. MSRP $65

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

Having a solid knife on you while you are camping can save you a whole lot of time and trouble. Whether you are looking to slice up some veggies for throwing in your skillet or you need to cut up some rope to help stabilize your tent, a solid knife is a great tool to have on hand, and what better one to keep on you than the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife. It is constructed with a 4.3 inch razor sharp, stainless steel fixed blade and an ergonomic handle with high-friction rubber grip that gives maximum control. The included plastic sheath with belt loop holds the Morakniv Fire Starter and also features an integrated diamond sharpener, making it easy and convenient to sharpen the blade. The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife has everything a camper needs making it a vital tool for any camping kit. MSRP $59

Leatherman OHT

Don’t forget to slip Leatherman OHT into your camp kit the next time you head into the backcountry. This compact “one-hand-operable” multi-tool provides a plethora of uses for making fires, preparing food, repairing gear, and more. With 16 tools, including spring-loaded pliers and multiple locking blades, it’s the perfect companion for camp site problem solving. Loaded with ingenious features and handles with visual imprints of the tool beneath make for quick identification that will always keep you from guessing, the Leatherman OHT is a one-handed workhorse that serves more purposes than one could count and adds value to anyone’s camping gear cache. MSRP $89.95

Camp Kitchen

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600

When we do our large group camping we bust out the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 and become the head chef of the campground. This large cooking setup can comfortably fit 24 medium-sized burger patties on the 604-square inch cooking surface, so everyone gets fed at the same time and we can move on to s’mores as soon as the sun sets. But where the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 really shines is at breakfast, everything goes on at once using the griddle to cook up pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns. And thanks to the heat dispersing design the flat top griddle cooks food evenly and perfectly every time. The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is our go to choice whenever our camping group exceeds six people, because it excels at one thing above all else, feeding people fast. And when meal time is over, the griddle and grease tray are easy to clean, and the collapsible design packs back into the SUV without us breaking a sweat. MSRP $499.99

Camp Chef Versa

For those times when the camping group is smaller in size, pack the Camp Chef Versa. With one mighty 15,000 BTU/Hr. burner, you’ll be able to fit 9 medium-sized burger patties on a 247-square inch surface. One of the cool things about the Versa is that you can conveniently swap out the griddle for a pizza oven or grill box, depending on what is on the camping food menu. This compact design allows for you to take the VersaTop grill system anywhere and has all the bells and whistles of the full sized Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, which makes it perfect for weekend camping trips and quick overnighters. MSRP $169.99

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station

When you pull up to the campsite with your GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station your friends know that they are in for some good food over the weekend. The system is simple, the fold out side holds your ingredients, drinks and spices, while the top shelf is dedicated to prep or a cook stove and the bottom for storage, there is also hooks for trash bags or utensils and a paper towel roll holder. The generous workspace provides ample room to perfect your backcountry camp recipes and the lightweight aluminum frame folds up for easy carrying and storage. The GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station helps us cook, clean and stay organized. MSRP $110

RTIC 52 Qt Ultra Light Cooler

The RTIC 52 Ultra-Light Hard Cooler is heavily insulated, but light in weight, and darn near indestructible, making it perfect for everything from camping trips to days on the lake. The RTIC 52 is the ideal size for hauling enough goods for an individual or storing food for a small crew on weekend camping trips. The 3 inches of closed-cell foam insulation keeps ice frozen for days, and its bear resistant design is virtually invincible, meaning it’s up for any adventure. The RTIC 52 can also pull double duty as a bench, non-slip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board. RTIC included two Easy-Flow Drain Spouts that makes it easy to drain water once the ice finally melts, so we don’t have to lug a sloshing cooler on the way home. Whether we’re camping with friends or taking a weekend road trip this ultra tough RTIC 52 Ultra-Light Hard Cooler exceeds all expectations. MSRP $199.99

Dometic GO Hydration Water Jug 11L and Hydration Water Faucet

The Dometic GO Hydration Water Jug 11L and Hydration Water Faucet is the ultimate setup for adding running water to your campsite. The Hydration Water Jug by itself is an easy, efficient and convenient way to store, transport and use water around camp. But when you add the Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet to it, the game changes and you now have running water on-site, that dispenses with the ease of a single tap. The one-touch on/off button on the faucet has an automatic shutoff at 1 minute or 1 liter of water dispensed to help conserve water. Also integrated is a LED light for nighttime or low light use, great to brushing your teeth when it is dark. Whether you need enough water to wash your hands or to fill a cooking pot, Dometic’s Hydration Water Jug and Water Faucet lets you dispense what you need, when you want it and uses less in the process. MSRP $99.99

Klean Kanteen Camp Mug 12oz

When we are drinking piping hot coffee at the campsite we pour it into the Klean Kanteen Camp Mug 12oz. This compact mug holds plenty of hot bean water and keeps it at an ideal temperature for up to an hour. Beautifully crafted from 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel, the 12oz Camp Mug comes with an ergonomic stainless steel handle, splash proof lid and award-winning Climate Lock vacuum insulation. The Camp Mug’s rugged good looks are right at home at any campsite. MSRP $24.95

Wildland Coffee – Coffee in a Tea Bag

Coffee in a tea bag is a novel idea and one which we quickly warmed up to once we tried it. If you don’t want to mess with all the work and cleanup of coffee equipment, Wildland Coffee is a great option. The flavor is good and comes out close to pour over in terms of boldness and taste. Wildland roasts specialty grade coffee beans from Brazil, grinds them and packages them all within 4 days, then nitro-flush each pouch so the coffee stays fresh for at least 12 months. Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag is perfect for overnighters or quick weekend trips where you want to packing light. MSRP $9.99 for a Variety Sample Pack

Fire Dept. Backdraft Espresso Coffee

Waking up in the backcountry with incredible views is what everyone needs from time to time. But let’s be honest, there are very few people that can navigate the morning without coffee and Fire Dept. Coffee makes a great blend that can be enjoyed outdoors, and the Backdraft Espresso Coffee does not disappoint. Powerful enough to get you going even on the earliest of mornings, it is a dark blend with a smooth, rich flavor that will open your eyes. If espresso is not your thing, Fire Dept. Coffee also offers plenty of other great blends that will help get your day at camp started on the right foot. MSRP $14.99

10 Barrel Brewing Rock Hop and Club Tread

If IPA’s are your campfire drink, 10 Barrel Brewing Co. offers two tasty outdoor options, appropriately named Rock Hop and Club Tread. Rock Hop is a cold fermented lager with the bold hoppiness traditionally seen in a West Coast IPA. It delivers a smooth profile that consists of fresh pine and orange zest with low bitterness on a soft malt backbone, yielding 7.1% ABV and 45 IBUs for a delicious smooth refreshment that goes down easy. Inspirations for the other IPA came from a brewing adventure to make a 5% IPA full of hop flavor and bursting with fruit aroma. Club Tread was the result and is a beer with a light but full hop profile, this beer will satisfy your thirst with juicy, hop flavor and mandarin orange aromas. Club Tread IPA hits at 5% ABV with 45 IBUs. 10 Barrel Brewing is deeply imbedded in the outdoors and is easy to support because they donate a portion of their proceeds to protect and preserve important outdoor initiatives. If IPA’s are your camping refreshment go to, be sure to check out the selection at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. MSRP Varies

Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey

When it is time to sit back and relax around the campfire with a refreshing cocktail, Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey is an excellent flavor packed libation. With hints of baked apples, cinnamon, natural oats, brown sugar, ginger and nutmeg, and the kick of Stillhouse 100% clear corn whiskey all blended together deliver a smooth tasting campfire refreshment. Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey is great by itself and super tasty mixed with ginger ale in a 1.5 to 3 ratio. The unique Stillhouse container is a stainless steel package that chills quickly and stays cold for a long time should you want to bring it along on a camping hike. MSRP Varies

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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