Klymit Insulated V Double Sleeping Pad Review

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Since 2007, Klymit has been producing gear for people to enjoy the outdoors and get a good night’s rest at the same time. Klymit is the first company that came to mind when I began the hunt for the perfect winter sleeping pad for our double sleeping bag. Last Christmas, my husband and I invested in a high quality, double sleeping bag for our cold weather backpacking adventures. Our challenge since then has been finding a configuration of sleeping pads to accommodate our individual comfort needs AND keep us warm from the cold earth. After doing my research, it seemed that the Klymit Insulated V Double Sleeping Pad was the right choice.

The Klymit Insulated V Double Sleeping Pad: Lighter than expected!

When my new Klymit pad arrived, I was immediately pleased with the weight of the pad and bag! Weighing in at only 52 oz., it was smaller in size and weighed less than the 3 single size pad’s we had been carrying in our packs. Despite being super light for a double insulated pad, the 75D polyester feels super durable. The filling is Klymalite Synthetic insulation, Klymit’s own lightweight polyester fill. It seemed to really keep it’s loft even after I cycled through blowing it up and rolling it down multiple times.

Easy to Inflate and Deflate

Inflating and Deflating the Klymit Insulated V Double Sleeping Pad was as easy as I had hoped. The storage bag for the sleeping pad works as an inflator. On the bottom of the storage bag there is an opening that pops perfectly onto the “inflate” opening on the sleeping pad. My first test of the inflation process what at home. I was worried that it would take a long time or not work well because I just wasn’t something I had tried before. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! It took about 10 times inflating the bag and squeezing the air into the pad to fill the pad to our liking. In less than 2 minutes, the pad was inflated and I wasn’t out of breath. It was a genius design and a game changer. No pumps or endless huffing and puffing to get that pad full of air.   There is a separate opening for “deflate” that does not have a one way valve. Easy peasy!

Klymit’s Insulated V Double Sleeping Pad is Built for Comfort and Warmth

The Insulated Double V is designed to help keep you in place. The edges have a puffy sides so that when you roll to the edge of the mat, it holds you in place like a bed rail. No more rolling onto the frozen ground! The V’s on the pad keep your body in place and centered on your side of the pad. It is super slick! It is a nice, large pad at 47×74 inches with plenty of space for 2 people (and 2 dogs). I’m 6′ tall and it was plenty long to keep my feet on the pad. The insulation was an definite must and I wasn’t losing heat all night long (like on my old air mattress). With an R value of 4.4, you will be plenty warm when you wake up in the morning. The 3 inches of loft were plenty for me, a side sleeper, and my hips and shoulders had no sore spots in the morning. Additionally, Klymit sewed the air pocket so deep! It prevented the air from rushing from one half to the other when my partner moved around. It was nice!


  • WEIGHT: 52.8 oz. / 1497 g
  • MATERIAL: 75D Polyester
  • DIMENSIONS: 74 x 47 x 3 in / 188 x 119 x 8 cm
  • PACKED DIMENSIONS: 12 x 7 in / 30 x 18 cm
  • R-VALUE: 4.4
  • WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime

My Final Words about the Klymit Insulated Double V Sleeping Pad

If you are looking for the perfect winter sleeping pad, this is it! This was the most comfortable I have ever been since buying our double sleeping bag. The Klylmit Insulated V Double was perfect for both of us.  We stayed in place with no gaps between us and slept like babies. The temps when we backpacked were in the low 20’s with snow on the ground. I was thankful for the insulation between us and the cold earth. We both agreed it was better than sleeping in our snow clothes (what fun is that?). The pad material is very durable and withstood our two dogs tromping all over it. The inflation and deflation was easy and practical and the whole pad and bag are very lightweight. The price is remarkable (especially for a quality double, insulated) at $179.99. If you’d like to order your own Insulated V Sleeping Pad visit www.klymit.gathroutdoors.com or www.amazon.com.

Sara Fillman: Sara is an avid ultra-marathoner and outdoor adventurer. Living in Michigan, Sara has ample opportunities for outdoor sports during all seasons. When not open water kayaking on the Great Lakes or backpacking in some distance mountains, she can be found ice climbing in Norther Michigan at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. She is constantly looking for the next big adventure.
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