Thermarest Trail Pro Sleeping Pad Review

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Thermarest Trail Pro

I owned my first Thermarest inflatable air mattress over 25 years ago when I was in boy scouts.  Still to this day this first Thermarest mattress still holds air, with a few patches, and is comfortable. This spring I have had a chance to test out the Thermarest Trail Pro. Today, there is a large variety of mattresses for the outdoor camper that helps fill every niche. Air mattresses come in different styles and shapes ranging from ultra light for backpacking to the lofty super comfortable car camping variety. As an outdoor enthusiast it can be a be daunting trying to figure out which one would be best.  I own many different types air mattresses so I was excited to see how the Thermarest Trail Pro stacked up.  

Initial Thoughts on the Thermarest Trail Pro

On first observation, the  Thermarest Trail Pro looks like a hybrid air mattress between an ultra light air mattress and a car camping mattress.  The weight on the Thermarest Trail Pro is 2 lb 2 oz for the size large.  How this compares to the rest of the Thermarest Air mattress line is the lightest self inflating air mattress comes in right under 1 lb and is pretty compact whereas the most padded air mattresses are around 5 lbs.  Falling somewhere in the middle for weight, the Thermarest Trail Pro is designed is designed for both backpacking as well as car camping.

Another characteristic of versatility for air mattresses is the ability to pack down. When packed the Thermarest Trail Pro compresses down to 13 in x 6.7 in.  This characteristic also fall in the middle of the spectrum with some of ultra light air mattresses being compressed down to 9 in X 3.3 in.

Thermarest Trail Pro Collapsed

I tested the size large Thermarest Trail Pro which is 77 in long by 25 inch wide when fully inflated.  Other size options include regular (72 in x 20 in) and regular wide (72 in x 25 in).  The thickness of the air mattress is about 2 inches when inflated.

Thermarest Trail Pro Inflated

The Thermarest Trail Pro is made from ultra light USA manufactured foam. Air bolsters are built into the foam to help reduce the weight of the mattress.  The Thermarest Trail Pro is also self inflating.

Field Testing the Thermarest Trail Pro Air Mattress

This spring I have had the chance to test out the the Thermarest Trail Pro in different situations from backpacking to car camping.  Throughout my experience using this mattress I have been impressed with the versatility.

Comfort is always my number one priority when it comes to air mattresses.  Although weight and packability are very important, if sleep is lost due to lack of comfort it makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors.  That being said, the Thermarest Trail Pro is awesome. This is a very comfortable air mattress.  I had nights on rocky surfaces and slept like a baby.  I would rank this mattress very high in comfort for back packing purposes and completely sufficient for car camping comfort.  This versatility is outstanding and makes this a great all around choice for many different types of camping trips.

The R value rated at 4.  The insulation was more than enough to keep me warm throughout the night.  I never felt cold from the ground even when camping on  frozen earth.  This mattress is rated for four seasons of camping, which I feel is accurate.

Great Fit and Easily Packed

The packability of the air mattress is pretty good.  I am able to fit the Thermarest Trail Pro into my backpack easily although not quite as small as my dedicated backpacking air mattress.  I definitely would consider using the Thermarest Trail Pro on my shorter backpacking trips due the increased level of comfort.  On really long trips in the backcountry I may opt for a pad that packs smaller or is lighter in weight.

The sizing of the Thermarest Trail Pro is great. I am 5’10” and weigh 165lbs and I tested a large size air mattress which was a solid fit.  I had no issues of feet hanging off or not fitting properly on the mattress.  Another feature that helped with fit was that the Thermarest Trail Pro fits perfectly in the loops on the Thermarest Sleeping bags.  This makes it so it is near impossible to slide off the mattress in the night.

The Thermarest Trail Pro fully self inflates in about 25 minutes.  This seemed pretty reasonable as long as I was prepared ahead of time and not needing to sleep immediately.

Thermarest Trail Pro Self Inflating

Specs of the Thermarest Trail Pro Air Mattress taken directly from Thermarest using large sized mattress.

  • MSRP $119.95
  • Color Gecko
  • Weight 2lb 2oz
  • Length 77 in
  • Width 20 in
  • Thickness 2 in
  • Packed dimensions 13 in x 6.7 in
  • Urethane foam
  • USA Built
  • Polyester Covering

Final Thoughts on the Thermarest Trail Pro Air Mattress

The Thermarest Trail Pro is the perfect all around air mattress. Whether is be car camping or backpacking this self inflating air mattress will allow you to sleep in comfort.  Being light weight as well as packable will allow this comfortable air mattress to be packed into the wilderness easily.  Additionally, when comfort is the only consideration such as car camping the Thermarest Trail Pro is no slouch.  If you expect to do various kinds of outdoor activities this may be the perfect air mattress for you. For more info on the Trail Pro or other Thermarest products visit

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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