Sportube Series 3 Platinum Ski & Snowboard Travel Case Review

If you are anything like me, you spend hours, days, and weeks researching and comparing the latest products for all your favorite activities, as new gear is released each season. We spend our hard earned money on the best products that we can afford…sometimes because of our superb abilities…and sometimes because we believe the best products will make our mediocre abilities superb. Unfortunately, after making these purchases, many of us then neglect to also make the proper investment to adequately protect our fine gear while traveling, or during simple storage in our garage or basement in between trips and expeditions. Fortunately for us, the fine folks at Sportube have made the protection of our ski, snowboard, and fishing gear their mission.

The Sportube concept was conceived in Vail, Colorado by Highland Trading Company back in 1996. The lightweight, high-density polyethylene plastic cases are designed to protect skis, snowboards and sporting equipment while traveling by plane, train, automobile or shipping via FedEx/UPS etc. Wheels on the cases make your sports gear easy to handle, and allow you to pull it along with you like a suitcase. Sportubes can be checked with the airlines, or shipped with FedEx/UPS if you want to avoid the hassles of the airline check in and baggage claim process. Over the years, the Sportube designs have been tweaked and refined, and they are regularly recognized as leaders in the industry.

We tested the Series 3 Lindsey Vonn Special Edition Sportube, which is the larger model designed to accommodate snowboards and/or multiple pairs of skis. The Lindsey Vonn Special Edition Sportube cases come with a variety of their available accessories. The first is the handy Nik Nac Pac, which helps organize tuning equipment, gloves, and goggles. The Lindsey Vonn Special Edition also come with an ergonomic Easy Pull handle, a TSA airline compliant combination padlock, and a brand new Manufacturers Limited lifetime warranty. The larger Series 3 cases also come with a Strap & Band Kit to strap gear together and help keep things from moving around too much inside the Sportube during transit.



While the Sportube cases were designed with air travel and shipping in mind, they also pair well with roof racks. This allows you to free up valuable space inside your vehicle, while also still protecting your gear from the elements and nasty road grime. Since we are located in Colorado, and don’t really need to fly much to find good snow, this is the setup that we tested for our drive up to the nearby slopes of Summit County.
The process for securing a Sportube to your roof rack is actually quite easy. Per the suggestion of the Sportube website, I picked up a pair of basic lashing straps at the local hardware store (1in wide x 8ft long). After loading the Sportube with all my gear, I placed it on the roof rack of our Toyota 4Runner SUV. I then looped the first strap under the roof rack cross bar on one side of the Sportube case, passed the strap through the handle strap on the top of the case, looped the strap under the roof rack cross bar on the other side of the case, and then firmly tightened the strap. I then tied the excess strap to the side bar of the roof rack to help prevent the case from sliding from side to side. I repeated this at the rear roof rack cross bar to fully secure the Sportube case. If you expect to make any significant stopovers before unloading your equipment at your destination, you will also probably want to have a cable lock on hand that you can wrap through one of the case handles and around the roof rack to deter any sort of theft. For this, I picked up a basic 4-foot long Master Lock cable lock.


Overall, I was very pleased with the functionality of the Sportube travel case. It performed exactly as advertised, and its durability and design are top-notch.  I’ve learned in my life that NOT protecting your gear is much more expensive than making the investment early on. Definitely check out the array of Sportube products to see all the ways they can bring some peace of mind to your gear transport.
Lindsey Vonn Special Edition Series 3 MSRP $249.95
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