Yakima Farout Cargo Bag Review

Lugging gear out to your favorite campsite, or just up for a ski day can be a hassle. I’ve had trips where I had to take 4 pairs of boots, 4 sets of skis, 4 sets of poles, a bike, food and gear bags, all for just 2 people over 3 days! Trying to fit it all in to my small SUV or my wife’s Subaru Impreza is like a live version of Tetris. To help with this logistical nightmare I decided I needed help. Cargo boxes are a great way to take along your gear while also protecting it. The only problem is the potential cost. So I went with a much less expensive option that even helps organize my basement, a cargo bag. The Yakima Farout provides 7 cubic feet of space and fits raised crossbars or rails.

The Farout uses 4 simple straps to attach to your car. Just throw it on, and strap it down, it’s that simple. I like the fact that I don’t have to keep it attached to my car, bringing down my M.P.G. rating and I can use it on multiple vehicles. The bottom is quilted so it won’t scratch the roof of your vehicle. The top zipper has large tabs for easy use, and they are lockable for extra protection. To keep out the elements, all of the seams are sealed, and a large flap covers the zipper. Having used this bag in all sorts of conditions including pouring rain, I can tell you it does keep the elements out and your gear dry. 2 side compression straps help keep everything in place and minimize the air drag on top of the car. I have yet to have an issue with the bag moving or coming loose, even with many hours at highway speeds.

The size is just right, allowing me to pack in sleeping bags, a tent, folding chairs and camp supplies in the summer or ski boots, helmets, bags and coats in the winter. Sure, it won’t fit the skis or a bike, but it frees up more space inside the car. One piece of advice, load the bag first, then throw it on the car. 2 large grab handles on each end make it easy to carry, even when loaded. Another great feature of the Farout is that when you need to get the gear into your tent or hotel room, you can take the bag off the car and use the backpack straps to simply carry it where it needs to go. It’s not something I would use for a day hike, but it means just one trip with all the gear, rather than several.

The Farout out has other features that make it a true multi use piece. The bag comes with 3 dividing panels that attach inside the bag using Velcro. This allows you organize the bag rather than just dump everything in. These panels also come in handy for home storage. The Farout has anchor points that allow you to hang the bag vertically when not in use. When the panels are in place they essentially act like shelves. While they won’t support a lot of weight, they can easily hold camping supplies or bike shoes. So rather than being something that needs to be stored, it can actually help you store other items.

With it’s versatility, ease of use and low cost, the Farout cargo bag is a great option if you need more space and don’t want to shell out the money for a cargo box system. It is a well thought out piece that can help with the burden of finding room for all your gear, in the car or at home.

MSRP- $199.99 For more information go to www.yakima.com.

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