Yakima Farout Pro Review

With travel season in full swing, we sometimes find ourselves packing the car/SUV and wishing we had just a bit more room to fit in an extra suitcase, tent, sleeping, bag, stuffed animal, etc.  And while packing a car/suv isn’t the funnest thing on earth, riding in a car with your luggage on your lap can be just as painful.

The Yakima Farout Pro travel cargo bag puts an end to crammed cars and helps keep those dreaded family vacations a little more tolerable.  The Farout Pro has a 12 cubic square foot capacity which allows for plenty of storage up top.  I’ve taken the Farout Pro on a number of trips, one of them including my wedding where I had to travel with way too cargo(guys perspective).  And while much of what was in the car was delicate and could not be risked in a cargo roof bag, there were a number items I felt plenty comfortable placing up top.  With a heavy duty waterproof material, the Yakima Farout Pro is extremely durable, holding strong in stiff winds, rains, and anything else that might be thrown at it.

The Farout Pro can strap onto any room, so whether you have roof racks or not, it will fit.  The one caveat in this cargo bag is pretty big and in many cases can take up your whole roof top.  For placing the cargo bag on top of my SUV roof, I found it pretty simple to install.  I made sure the roof was somewhat clean so when placing the Farout Pro on top, it wouldn’t scratch the roof.  Since I have roof racks on my SUV, I anchored the 4 straps to each corner of the racks. It should be noted, it is important to keep the straps super tight since the cargo bag can flop around a little if not tight and secure.  The hooks used to secure the straps on the roof are steel reinforced with a plastic coating, so they are dependable and durable, yet they won’t scratch your car. And best of all, they are equipped with a bottle opener for when you arrive at your destination!  The zippers on the Farout Pro are easy to zip open and close when moving your cargo in and out of the bag.  For future models, I would like to see the zipper snaps be able to snap together for added security while driving.

The Yakima Farout Pro has an aero dynamic shape to it, which helps save on gas mileage and also helps the cargo bag extend its life a tad because of wear and tear.  To give your cargo bag and car some flair, the Yakima Farout Pro comes with a topo map design, which I am a big far of.  If you like to support companies that try to be environmentally friendly, it is nice to know that the Farout Pro is part of the Planet Payback initiative; please click link for more details http://yakima.com/planet-payback/

The Yakima Farout Pro retails for $219 and in my mind, this is an excellent deal when you compare it to the headaches of trying to over stuff your car with too much cargo or gear.  For more information, please visit Yakima.com


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