Coleman Battery Lock Divide Flashlight Review

Niels Oomkes

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4 Responses

  1. John Cosmo says:

    I worked great, but after several months the batteries ran down and needed to be replaced. No big deal right? Wrong!

    It’s not easy to figure out which end of the flashlight to unscrew to put new batteries in. The Coleman website is no help at all. If you Google “how to open a Coleman Battery Lock flashlight” you’ll see that it’s a widespread problem. Requests for help are posted on numerous product review sites that sell the flashlights, most of them unanswered.

    On two of the sites where users posted replies they noted that you unscrew the end opposite the light. One of the reviewers noted that he needed to use two pairs of pliars, one to hold the light and one to hold the end cap and that he ended up scratching the hell out of the flashlight and the cap before he could finally get the light to open to put in new batteries. All things considered, not a well-designed product, especially when you consider the cost.

  2. Rod says:

    The 250 tech worked well for 4 months and then two parts broke down: (1) the on/off lock switch no longer worked – I had to just leave it On all the time. (2) the rear cap would no longer screw off to replace batteries (the cheap aluminium thread wore out and the cap jammed on. Nothing would remove the cap and when I eventually used Extreme force to screw the cap off the barrel broke.

  3. Josiah says:

    Just threw mine in the garbage because of the same issue with battery replacement above.

  4. Tracy Florez says:

    Have had my Coleman battery lock flashlight for 2 years. Have needed to replace batteries for the first time at least the last year and a half. Can not uncrew the end. Guess I wasted my $ too! It sucks!

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