Gear Up for Fall Camping

Fall camping season is here, and if you are like us, you are counting down the days to your next camping adventure. With the change of every season we like to inspect our camping kit to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced, as well as swap in pieces of gear that will accommodate the cooler Fall weather. If any of your Fall camping gear is needing to be replaced, upgraded, or you just want to add to your current kit, we have you covered. From an extra comfy sleeping pad to a super lightweight portable camp chair, check out these great products to get you Geared Up for Fall Camping.

Therm-A-Rest MondoKing 3D

As the name implies, the Therm-A-Rest MondoKing is a sleeping pad that offers nothing but the coziest, dreamiest night’s rest fit for a “King”. Featuring 4.25 inches of premium foam, this ultra-comfy pad combines a lavish feel with a 7.0 R-value to keep you warm and protected in almost any climate or season. The MondoKing situates itself in the Therm-A-Rest line as a luxurious air pad option intended for car camping while remaining self-inflatable for ease of use. The StrataCore construction provides the lofty three-dimensional shape, while the easy to use TwinLock valve allows the pad to inflate and deflate in no time at all. The sleeping pad also maintains a portable packed size, thanks to the included stuff sack that also doubles as a pump sack. MSRP $209.95 – $229.95

Therm-A-Rest Comp Pillow

Skip the whole ordeal of jamming clothes in your stuff sack as a makeshift pillow and grab the Therm-A-Rest Compression Pillow for your next camp outing. This camp pillow features a soft polyester fabric and up-cycled foam for plush support at night. Its soft foam filling expands big and packs small into its built in drawstring stuff sack for easier packing and carrying on the trail. The XL size measures a generous 16.5″ x 27″ for an at home comfort wherever your adventures take you. MSRP $24.95 – $34.95

The Mozy and Mozy Softshell

Sometimes the campfire doesn’t cover it for warmth, but the Mozy Blanket sure does the trick. It’s a wearable warm blanket that is the perfect weatherproof layer that provides adjustable warmth and moves with you as go. The Mozy’s outer shell is made of windproof, weather resistant, heavy duty nylon while the interior is a plush heavyweight fleece. We never go camping without The Mozy because it provides the comfort of waddling around in our sleeping bags in a far more practical package. A simple Velcro closure allows us to wear it around camp, and easily un-Velcro it to use as a shared blanket for sitting around the campfire. MSRP $99

Mozy also offers a lightweight softshell version without the heavy duty nylon layer, that is perfect for chilly Summer camp nights. MSRP $69

Oceas Waterproof Sherpa Blanket

It turns out the blanket in the family room is not the best thing to bring along for the weekend camping trip. Which is why we keep the Oceas Waterproof Sherpa Blanket in the car at all times. The weatherproof and ultra-durable backing with the plush Sherpa fleece keeps us comfy and cozy without taking up too much packing space. Its fleece top and totally waterproof bottom mix softness with durability, making sure the dampened ground beneath never gets through. This spacious throw keeps us toasty on crisp evenings while adding a fluffy layer between us and the cold, hard ground. MSRP $69.99

Decathlon Camping XL Folding Chair and Table

Lightweight and packable, the Decathlon Camping XL Folding Chair makes for a convenient seating option on camping trips and short hike in over-nighters. Featuring a wide and high seat, this camp favorite scoops you up in comfort thanks to its ultralight and supportive aluminum frame and mesh construction. In addition, not only does the carry bag make for easy and compact transport, it can also be filled with padding (towel, clothing, etc.) and attached to the chair back to be used as a neck pillow. And a single shock-corded pole structure makes sure you get set up and sitting in comfort quicker than the rest of the group. MSRP $79.99

And just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to leave behind every trace of civilization. Take the Decathlon Camping Table on your next Fall camping trip, and enjoy the convenient surface it offers for everything from food prep to a sit down meal to games. The foldable construction makes it easy to store between trips, and simple and easy to set up when you’ve found your campsite. MSRP $59.99

GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker

Crank up your campsite comfort levels to new heights with the GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker. This slightly lower seat height chair boasts a powder coated durable steel frame, smooth rocking, and a quick and easy set up to keep you happy when you’re lounging at the campsite. The Spring-Action Rocking Technology and armrests provide excellent comfort so you can experience porch worthy relaxation by the campfire, while the drink holder and phone pocket keep your hydration and tech within reach. Its compact, foldable design makes it easy to bring along and thanks to the frame attached carry strap there is no need to stress about fitting it back into a carry bag. With a GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker in your gear collection you have no excuse to not relax on your next Fall camping trip. MSRP $65

RTIC 52 Ultra-Light Hard Cooler

The RTIC 52 Ultra-Light Hard Cooler is heavily insulated, but light in weight, and darn near indestructible, making it perfect for everything from camping trips to days on the lake. The RTIC 52 is the ideal size for hauling enough goods for an individual or storing food for a small crew on weekend trips. The 3 inches of closed-cell foam insulation keeps ice frozen for days, and its bear resistant design is virtually invincible, meaning it’s up for any adventure. The RTIC 52 can also pull double duty as a bench, non-slip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board. RTIC included two Easy-Flow Drain Spouts that makes it easy to drain water once the ice finally melts, so we don’t have to lug a sloshing cooler on the way home. Whether we’re camping with friends or taking a weekend road trip this ultra tough RTIC 52 Ultra-Light Hard Cooler exceeds all expectations. MSRP $199.99

Lander Kiva Headlamp

The Lander Kiva Headlamp is the ultralight, rechargeable solution for getting around the campground. This waterproof headlamp features up to 150 lumens to help you see what’s ahead of you, and modes that adjust the beam between bright, lantern, and strobe configurations so you can use it in nearly any situation. An articulating bezel lets you adjust the angle of the beam, and the strap features easy to adjust clips so you can quickly change sizes if you need to loan the light to a friend. MSRP $50

Princeton Tec Snap Solo Headlamp

Versatile lighting done right, the Princeton Tec Snap Solo Headlamp is an intuitive multi-use light that allows a magnetic 300-lumen light to easily be swapped between a headlamp strap, a handheld light or attached to any magnetic surface. The Snap light is simple to use: a large, easy to find button on the head unit turns the versatile spot beam on, dims it and switches over to flash mode. The Princeton Tec Snap Solo Headlamp is an all in one, affordable lighting solution that covers a spectrum of needs: headlamp, flashlight, lantern and magnetic area light. MSRP $34.99

Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Power Bank and Plasma Lighter

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to completely cut yourself off from electronics. Occasionally, you might need the assistance of GPS or to just want some down time with your smartphone or tablet, and the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Power Bank is the perfect device to juice them up. It has one USB port and a USB-C port to charge two devices simultaneously. This 10,200 mAh portable power bank has rapid-recharge capabilities that will get you back in business quickly, and thanks to the nearly indestructible and IP68 waterproof construction, it can easily handle the rigors of the outdoors. MSRP $119.99

Never be caught in the wilderness with no way to start a fire again. The palm sized Dark Energy Plasma Lighter uses dual-arc emitters to spark a flame at the touch of a button, lighting campfires, stoves, and more with ease. This simple to use, USB rechargeable, weatherproof lighter also features a built-in flashlight for clear illumination in the dark and a strobe for enhanced safety on night adventures. MSRP $29.99

JBL Charge 5

When you want serious sound that’s easy to take with you, look no further than the highly portable JBL Charge 5 Speaker. This bass friendly Bluetooth wireless speaker incorporates an internal 27wh battery that pumps tunes for up to 20 hours and doubles as a handy powerbank to keep your devices charged, while the included Type C USB Cable recharges the unit in about 4 hours. The sound stage that comes from the JBL Charge is so wide that you won’t believe it’s coming from this little speaker. But don’t let its size fool you, for the Charge 5 is an adventurous speaker that’s not afraid of what Mother Nature has to offer. It is waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating so no rain storms can spoil your audio experience. Made for the outdoors, the Charge 5 from JBL is the perfect solution to enjoying your favorite songs and podcasts anywhere your adventures take you. MSRP $179.99

Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set

Nothing ruins a campsite like not being able to make a fire. To combat this we bring the Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set. This powerful tool cleverly encases in a pocket knife’s corkscrew, with three different glowing fire steels and six waterproof helix tinders, the compact FireAnt Set is a smart upgrade for any camping kit. This small set gives us peace of mind knowing that we can always get a fire started if we need to. MSRP $35

Omnia Oven

There was a time that we tolerated burnt hot dogs over a campfire, but we’ve come to realize that good food makes for even better camping trips. So if you want to cook up something that surpasses “edible”, then it is time to add the Omnia Oven to your camp gear arsenal. The Omnia is a portable stovetop oven that’s made with stainless steel and aluminum that saves weight and reduces space, so you actually want to bring it camping. The simple, yet sturdy design features three parts that work together to provide heat from above and below: the pan, the base and the lid, which must always be used together to get the oven effect. With the Omnia you can serve freshly baked breads, tasty casseroles, and even bake desserts – if you can do it in a regular oven, you can do it camping with the Omnia.  MSRP $67

Hart Outdoor First Aid Kit – Multi-Day

Don’t let an accident in the backcountry ruin your camping trip, with the Multi-Day First Aid Kit from Hart Outdoor you’ll be prepared for an accidental knife slip while shaving tinder for the fire or a bee sting when you accidently sit next to a hive. Packed with quality medical contents and organized by aid type, the Hart Outdoor kit is easy to navigate in an emergency situation. If you don’t know exactly how to treat an injury, the included manual written by wilderness medicine physician Dr. William W. Forgey makes it easy to administer first aid, even with little or no training. The Multi-Day First Aid Kit offers fast and convenient treatment of unexpected injuries, sudden illnesses, bug bites, and mishaps. And with this in your camping kit you will enjoy the outdoors even more knowing that you are prepared. MSRP $37.95



Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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