Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen Review

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Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen

I am a Scottish/Irish red head, and take sunscreen seriously!  I want to make sure that at the end of the day I am tired and sore from a good work out, run, or ride, and not because I’m burnt from the intense Colorado sun. A sun burn can ruin a day and even the next few depending on how serious you took your skin protection. Hence, when I had the chance to check out the Elemental Herbs All Good Sport Sunscreen, I was excited to put it to the test.

Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen – Sport – First Take

The 3oz bottle of 33 spf is small enough to throw into a pack and bring along. Great for a long mountain run or ride without worrying about it taking up too much space in your pack, or deciding whether to take it along or not. I have been caught out one too many times by not bringing extra sunscreen for reapplication after having left the trailhead.  I either forgot, or it took up too much ‘extra’ space. Yes, I know, ridiculous but true.

All Sport Sunscreen

When first putting the Elemental Herbs All Good Sport Sunscreen spf 33 on my face and neck, I found it fairly easy to put on and rub in but a little tough to get it completely clear.  I was just going to a friends and it bothered me a little, but I eventually got it to be clear and carried onward. The Colorado climate is quite dry, it was suggested that using moisturizer beforehand would make it much easier to apply and rub in.  This could be considered a negative if you are using the sunscreen in an environment where you still care about your appearance to the point that you don’t want ANY sunscreen showing. After a few test runs, I began to use it purely for active outdoor sessions. I would apply only enough to provide coverage for the expected time out running or cycling.  For other times when going out socially, I would reach for the standard ‘lighter’ sunscreen.

Sunscreen rubs in clear

For a sunscreen meant to protect the active athletes (fair skinned or not), the Elemental Herb All Good Sunscreen definitely passed my tests. The following key attributes speak to the quality and socially responsible approach that Elemental Herb uses in their manufacturing process.

All Sport Sunscreen Compared to Chapstick

Key Attributes

– Natural Mineral Zinc

– Petroleum Free

– Coral Reef Safe

– Non-Greasy

Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen – SunStick

Right out of the box I knew that the All Good Sunstick was going to be convenient, quick, and easy to use. The container itself is small, easy to use and, great for on-the-go reapplication. I found it easy to start with  the Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen as the main layer before heading out, and then using the convenient Sunstick for a quick reapplication on the run. My only issue thus far with the Sunstick is that it seems to get dirty during the reapplication. I was out for a mountain bike ride, and I reapplied twice.  On my second application the stick had picked up some dirt and grime from the first time and made it a bit gritty.  I was not too concerned during that ride, however, when I went to use it on the next ride it was not exactly pleasant. Live and learn though right, if you clean it off when you are done with your activity it makes it that much better the next time around.  Common sense right?

All Sport Sunstick

The All Good Sunstick spf 30 is a great addition to your equipment or gear closet simply because of its ease of transport, use, and reapplication benefits. Although the spf 30 is typically too low for a guy like me, the convenience and proof of protection was definitely clear.

Key Attributes

– Small and convenient to bring on day trips

– Lightweight and perfect for quick reapplications

All Sport Sunstick bottle compared to Chapstick

Final Thoughts on the Elemental Herbs All Good Sunscreen

Overall, both the Sunscreen and Sunstick were a ‘go to’ product in my early spring season for sun protection. Although there were a few negatives to each the positives far outweighed and I knew I could depend on them both for good sun protection. A solid first application with the Sunscreen before heading out will keep you protected from the sun rays for several hours. If your outdoor endeavors keep you out longer, simply bring along the small and lightweight Sunstick to reapply, and keep you free from sunburn.

For more information and purchase Check them out !

Sport Sunscreen MSRP: $15.99
SunStick MSRP: $7.99

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