Vapur Water Bottle Review

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As the popularity of reusable water bottles has grown over the last 5 years, there have been some good and not so good products to hit the market.  I would say that 50% of the bottles that I have used over time have leaked in one way or another.  Recently, I have been testing out Vapur fluid pouches which are like a water bottle, but without the hard plastic or steel, and they don’t leak!

The Vapur water bottles hold various amounts of water or fluid, anywhere from .4 liters to 1 liter.  I decided to test the .5L and .7L sizes as I thought they would be small enough to fit into small pockets on a backpack and not take up too much room.


The Vapur water bottles are similar in function to that of a water bottle but without the bulk when the water or liquid is gone.  This is nice if you are looking to save space while traveling, hiking, or backpacking.  It also saves on weight since you don’t have as much material, but the difference is fairly minimal compared to some of the water bottles on the market.  To fill the Vapur pouches up, you unscrew the top mouth piece and fill it up.  After, you screw the mouth piece back on and you are set to go.  There are two different mouth pieces, one that is similar to any other squeeze bottle and one where you flip the lid open to drink.  I personally like the mouth piece where you flip the lid.

One of the more unique features of the Vapur pouches is that they have a carabiner clipped onto the pouch so you can clip it to a purse, backpack, etc.


The pouches are designed to stand up as the bottom is designed to be flat.  This I could take or leave, but some people would find it helpful or useful. There are a number of colorful designs that you can choose from, so depending on your preference you can get one t match your style.

In the end, I found the Vapur Anti Bottle to be unique in design and function, but I felt at times where I wanted something a little more solid to hold on to.  For people looking to shave ounces and space, the Vapur pouches could come in very handy.

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  • I have fallen in love with the Element drinking bottle/pouch. It took a little time to get used to drinking from the pouch, but the wide mouth style means that you can take a large gulp with ease. The snap over lid has been totally leak proof, which I cannot say for many of my traditional water bottles. Holding the pouch is a bit awkward, but I find myself using the clip to tote the bottle from place to place. Clipping the pouch to the outside of my pack or purse is a cinch too. Word to the wise, cleaning it out can be difficult, as a result I have stuck with water only for my Element and haven't had any issues thus far. Overall, a great product and holding up despites lots of use!

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