BioLite Updates Their Rechargeable Headlamp Line with Three New Models

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BioLite has released three new models to add to their rechargeable headlamp line. These new headlamps add more lumens, better battery life and delivery a comfortable 3D SlimFit band that sits flat and eliminates bounce. The new models include the Headlamp 325, Headlamp 425, and Headlamp 800 PRO.

BioLite HeadLamp 425

With these latest headlamp updates, BioLite developed product and firmware refinements based on customer feedback. Their new flagship Headlamp 425 delivers more lumens, longer runtimes, USB-C rechargeability, an updated rear battery pack with a slimmer profile and red safety light, and a reserve battery mode. In addition they have included a glove-friendly on/off button and “Run Forever Mode,” which is a feature that could technically allow for unlimited runtimes by utilizing power from external battery packs.

BioLite HeadLamp 425 Specs

  • MSRP – $59.95
  • Lumens – 425
  • Weight – 78g
  • Weather Resistance – IPX4
  • Beam Distance – 85m
  • Charging Port – USB-C
  • Rechargeable Battery Size – 1000 mAh
  • Run Time (Low) – 60h / Run Time (High) – 3.5h
  • Reserve Mode – 1h
  • Temperature Use Rating – (-20C to 60C)
  • Light Modes – White Spot, White Strobe, Red Flood, Red Strobe, Spot + Flood, Rear Red Flood, Rear Red Strobe
  • Colorways – Midnight Gray , Ocean Teal, Ember Yellow
  • Run Forever Mode
  • 3D SlimFit Construction

BioLite HeadLamp 800 PRO

The pro-level HeadLamp 800 PRO is geared towards equipping mountain guides, search and rescue crews and all walks of outdoor professionals. A new and noteworthy feature is “Pass-Thru Plus” charging functionality, which allows a user to circumvent the headlamp battery with an external battery pack that may be kept close to the body, allowing for operation in extremely cold environments. As well as the new constant Mode that gives users preferred control regarding how the headlamp expends battery life and lumen output.

BioLite HeadLamp 800 PRO Specs

  • MSRP – $99.95
  • Lumens – 800
  • Weight – 150g
  • Reserve Mode – 8h
  • Weather Resistance – IPX4
  • Beam Distance – 135m
  • Charging Port – Micro-USB
  • Rechargeable Battery Size – 3000 mAh
  • Run Time (Low) – 150h / Run Time (High) – 7h
  • Constant Run Time (Low) – 150h / Constant Run Time (High) – 2h
  • Temperature Use Rating – (-20C to 50C)
  • ChromaReal – CRI90
  • Light Modes – White Spot, White Strobe, Red Flood, Red Strobe, Spot + Flood, Rear Red Flood, Rear Red Strobe, 30 sec Burst
  • Colorways – Midnight Gray
  • 3D SlimFit Construction
  • PRO Features
    • Run Forever Mode –  Allows users to use the headlamp, while simultaneously powering it with an external power bank.
    • Pass Through PLUS Charging – Allows users to circumvent the battery pack and stay powered via an external battery pack close to body heat at extremely cold temperatures.
    • Run Forever Cable – The included 3ft Run Forever cable enables users to connect to an external power bank that can tuck easily into a vest, pack, or belt. A cable-management clip makes sure everything stays close to the body for fluid movement. Supports Run Forever Mode and Pass-Thru PLUS charging.
    • Constant Mode – Most headlamps auto-regulate lumens to conserve battery life, dimming over time as your eye adjusts to darkness. While this can be efficient in a lot of cases, it shouldn’t be the only mode available for dealing with technical terrain or pitch darkness. Constant Mode puts users in control.

BioLite HeadLamp 325

And last but certainly not least is BioLite’s minimalist HeadLamp 325, which delivers 125 more lumens and 66% longer battery life at the same minimal weight as its predecessor.

BioLite HeadLamp 325 Specs

  • MSRP- $49.95
  • Lumens – 325
  • Weight – 50g
  • Weather Resistance – IPX4
  • Beam Distance – 75m
  • Charging Port – Micro USB
  • Rechargeable Battery Size – 700 mAh
  • Run Time (Low) – 40h / Run Time (High) – 5h
  • Light Modes – White Spot, White Strobe, Red Flood, Red Strobe
  • Colorways – Midnight Gray , Ocean Teal, Ember Yellow
  • 3D SlimFit Construction

Our Thoughts on the Updated BioLite Headlamps

We has a chance to test out the Headlamp 325 and the Headlamp 425 and were very impressed with the fit and feel of the 3D SlimFit Construction, there was no bounce when we took them out running and the bands helped wick away sweat keeping the forehead cool and dry. The articulating front bezel, bright illumination and plenty of the light modes proved exceptionally useful while hiking and around the campsite. We also have to applaud BioLite for stepping outside of the industry standard micro USB charging port and deciding to build the Headlamp 425 with a USB-C charging port, allowing it to be charging cord compatible with the rest of our tech. Both of the headlamps get high praise from us for fit and functionality, but if I was to recommend one of the three, it would definitely be the Headlamp 425, as it can cover almost all activities, is priced right and has that convenient USB-C charging port.

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Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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