Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Review

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When buying a headlamp, many people think all they need/want is a light that turns on and off with maybe a few light settings.  As technology is changing our lives with facebook, iPods, smartphones, etc; it’s also changing how we play outdoors.  I’ve been testing out the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp and while it might look basic from the outside, it is anything but.

The Black Diamond Spot Headlamp is full of innovative features that some people might have never thought of, but will definitely use.  For starters, the BD Spot comes with a dimmer switch that allows the user to pick the exact lighting preference they want.  This comes in useful if you are doing a little reading and don’t need the full 75 lumens allowing you to save some battery life.  For regular lighting, there are two options to choose from.  You can choose from one large white LED located in the center of the Spot headlamp or you can choose from using the two white LED’s on the outer part of the headlamp.  The outer lights don’t shine as far, but they save on battery life.  There is another option to use red LED’s which help prevent you from getting night blindness.

For an emergency situation or if you want to throw a party in your tent, there is a strobe light feature by pressing the button 3 times. This strobe can be used with both the red and white LED’s.  One feature that I haven’t seen on other headlamps is the locking feature.  By pressing down the on/off button for 6 seconds, you can lock the headlamps, so you won’t accidentally turn it on.  To unlock it, you just need to hold down the button for another 6 seconds.  If you’re headed out for a trip and not sure if your batteries are charged enough for your adventure, there is a battery indicator which tells you how much juice you have with different light indicators.  It is also neat to see that you will get one light color when using the large center LED and another color when using the two outer LED’s.  The headband on the BD Spot has a number of fun color and design options for those that want to add a little flair.  5 years ago, you would pay $80-$100 dollars for a headlamp with fewer features, today the retail price for the Black Diamond Spot is $40.  Not too shabby…  For more information on the Spot Headlamp and other Black Diamond gear, please visit or

Specs on the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

  • LED Type : 1 DoublePower, 4 SinglePower (2 white, 2 red)
  • Lumens : 75
  • Max Distances : 70 m (DoublePower LED); 15 m (2 SinglePower LEDs)
  • Max Burn Time : 200 H (DoublePower LED); 250 H (2 SinglePower LEDs)
  • Batteries : 3 AAA included
  • Weight Without Batteries : 54 g (1.9 oz)
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