Primus PrimeTorch 1010 Review

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Flashlights often don’t have much of a wow! factor to them as they seem to go overlooked by headlamps and lanterns.  I’ve been testing out the Primus PrimeTorch 1010 flashlight and if you are looking for an AMAZING flashlight, this is the one.  I remember back in the old days when Mag Lights were all the rage, but watch out Mag Light, here comes the Primus PrimeTorch and it will kick your @$$!

The first time I took this light out was on a guys camping trip weekend and the first night I used this light around the campsite, there were not a lot of wows, but a lot of holy crap, that flashlight is awesome!  The Primus PrimeTorch fits into the palm of your hand, but don’t let the size deceive you.  This flashlight pumps out 130 lumens and can reach up to 175 yards.  While 175 sounds somewhat far on screen/paper, but when you see this flashlight in action in the field, you will be amazed of the actual distance.

The Primus PrimeTorch 1010 will last between 3-5 hours using a CR-123 battery which is pretty standard for a flashlight.  The body of the PrimeTorch is made of aluminum, so it is durable and light, 46 grams or 1.6 oz. to be exact.  To make the PrimeTorch a little easier to carry, Primus added a clip on the outside of the casing so you can clip it to a belt of your backpack strap.

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The Primus PrimeTorch 1010 retails for $68 and while that is a little pricey, this flashlight is well worth every penny!

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