Secur Collapsible Solar Powered Bottle Lantern Review

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How do you get the most bang for your buck in a product? Buy a product that is three products in one, of course. The Secur Collapsible Solar Powered Bottle Lantern is just that; a solar powered lantern, a water bottle and a waterproof protective container for valuables.

Break Down and Testing

The Secur Bottle Lantern combines a collapsible food and water safe silicon water bottle with a three LED solar powered lantern top.

From Left to Right – Handle, LED Lantern Top, Water Ring, Screw Ring, Hanging Ring and Silicone Bottle

The lantern top lid contains three LEDs that can produce a maximum of 100 lumens on high power mode and 50 lumens on low power mode.  The run times are 5 hours and 12 hours, consecutively. The lantern also has an emergency flashing mode that will run for 14 hours without the need for charging.

Three LED Lantern Top Lid
Three LED's On

The Secur Lantern is able to store keys, money, first aid kits and small electronic items while keeping them completely dry, do to the complete waterproofing of the bottle. Whether you leave the lantern out in the rain or take it along on a water adventure, there is no need to worry about your valuables getting wet.

PRO TIP : If you have the need to store items that are bigger then the bottle neck (smartphone), you can disassemble the bottle as shown in the picture at the top. Stretch the lantern opening to accommodate the item inside and then reassemble bottle. Just make sure the waterproofing ring is fixed into the bottle well.

Storing Car Keys
Keeping Money Safe and Dry

A built-in solar panel allows you to charge this handy lantern by day so that it can light up the night. A full charge from direct sunlight requires about 12 hours. Should you find yourself out on a cloudy day, the lantern has the ability to be charged by the provided USB cable. Secur installed a very clever magnetic two prong charging system just below the bottom of the solar panel. The USB cable is able to be plugged into any USB power source. Placing the magnetic pins of the cable near the pins on the lantern top, snaps the charger into place. The innovation of the magnetic charging pins is brilliantly thought out; no worn out charging port, no water damage, and no dust or dirt to interfere; well done Secur. Total charge time for USB charging comes in at right around 4 hours.

Charging in the Sun - Red Light Indicates Lantern is Charging
Magnetic USB Charging Cable can be Charged with the USB Cable

This solar powered lantern doubles as a water bottle, food container and floating waterproof protective container for your valuables. The Secur Lantern is completely waterproof and can be used in any weather condition which makes it perfect for hiking, camping, water sports or emergencies.

Lantern is able to Carry Drinkable Liquids
Lantern Bottle Floats and is Waterproof to Protect Valuables

This compact lantern stores small and expands when you’re ready to use it, and it fits easily in your pack. Weighing less than 6 ounces, and with a size of 3.6 x 6.2 in, this lantern is convenient so you can take it almost anywhere.


Pressing the button on top of the lantern lid once, turns on the low light setting. Press it twice enters high mode, a third time will start flashing mode and a forth time with turn the lantern off.

Lit as Collapsed
Lit as Collapsed

The dual modes allow you to either use it as a lantern that widely disperses general light or an area light setting that’s more focused for things like cooking.

Lit as Expanded
Light Disperses to a Greater Area when the Lantern is Expanded

While this lantern is not your expense bright gas powered light, it does more than an adequate job of lighting up any area at night. And with it’s price point, size, multiple uses and renewable energy (free) charging ability, I would score it as a better option.

Hanging from a Tree
High Powered Mode


• Waterproof solar powered lantern
• Lantern can be operated while collapsed or expanded
• Two light levels plus emergency flashing mode
• Collapsible water bottle is safe for foods and liquids
• Keeps valuables safe and dry – perfect for water sports or emergencies
• Can be charged by the sun or from the waterproof magnetic USB cable
• Collapses for easy storage
• Includes waterproof magnetic USB charging cable


• Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
• Light Output at low setting: 50 Lumens
• Light Output at high setting: 100 Lumens
• Light time in flashing mode: 14 hours
• Light time at low setting: 12 hours
• Light time at high setting: 5 hours
• Time to charge fully with solar panel: 24 hours
• Time to charge with external USB power: 3 hours
• IPX Rating: IPX 6
• Dimensions Collapsed: 3″ X 3.75″ diameter
• Dimensions Expanded: 6.75″ x 3.75″ diameter
• Weight: 6.5 oz.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a capable lantern for your pack or a light for your emergency kit, the Secur Collapsible Solar Powered Bottle Lantern will provide up to 12 hours of continuous light after the sun goes down. Ideal for camp cooking, reading, or playing games around the picnic table, priced at a very reasonable $30 and supplied with a one year limited warranty, the Secur Bottle Lantern is a must for your campsite.

MSRP: $29.99

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