Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle Review

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The water bottle market is always offering a new spin on an old concept: keep water cool, portable, and easy to drink from. However, not all water bottles are created equal. Fortunately, the Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle checks many boxes when it comes to key features that I look for in a water bottle: easy to fill and clean, compact for travel, keeps the contents cool, and is available in size and color combos to set my water bottle apart from my husbands’.

750 ml on the left, 500 ml on the right (his and hers)

Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle Material and Design

The Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle is made from BPA free silicone. The silicone material is tasteless and reportedly keeps drinks cooler longer than traditional plastic water bottles. I didn’t notice a huge difference in this department, and frankly I’m ok with that as I don’t love super cold drinks. The good news is that the bottle doesn’t sweat or leave rings of condensation, a major bonus.

The silicone does attract dirt, debris and even a bit of my dogs’ fur. It is easy to brush off, but the bottle isn’t as slick and takes a bit more coxing to slide in an out of a pack or storage compartment in my backpacks and messenger bag. As a tradeoff, the silicone is easier to handle and doesn’t slip out of your hand and will not crack (believe me, I have tested this feature!)

Narrow spout for easy drinking on the go

If you are a messy drinker or frequently gulp while on the move, the Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle is perfect for you. The water bottle features a spout that is about the size of my thumb for easy guzzling and the screw cap over the spout seals great without leaking. My boy Fozzie, an AGR dog tester, chomped at the lid a bit. Fortunately, he didn’t do enough harm to cause any leaks.

The entire lid can be removed for easy filling and cleaning. Nathan states that the FlexShot Water Bottle is dishwasher safe in the top rack: I’ve placed mine in the wash at least a dozen times and the seal of the cap and lid remained like new without melting or losing shape.

Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle Portability

750 mL FlexShot collapsed and ready for travel, full 500 mL FlexShot for comparison

The Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle, as its’ name implies, is truly flexible. When not in use, the FlexShot Water Bottle can fold over, onto it-self to help save space. I love this feature for travel, when space may be at a premium. The silicone, when filled with liquid, becomes once again a sturdy water bottle.

The Nathan FlexShot Water Bottle is available in a variety of color combinations and two sizes, 500 ml or 17 oz and 750 ml or 24 oz. I tested the 500 ml size and liked the smaller size for around town use, when I don’t need to worry about carrying hours worth of hydration. Here is a breakdown of the color offerings, based on size, as they differ slightly.

The FlexShot 500 ml is available in purple, green, and teal. MSRP $16

The FlexShot 750 ml is available in dark pink, green, glue, gray, and teal.  MSRP $20

Overall, a reasonably priced water bottle with durability and portability its’ key features. For more information visit

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