ArmPocket Flash Review

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ArmPocket Flash

ArmPocket Flash Initial Thoughts

As the days get shorter and darker running can be downright dangerous. From the elements to motorists, you always have to be on the defensive. And if you’re like me the night time is the right time! I love to run in the dark. One thing that you have to keep in mind is if other people can see me? Bring in the Armpocket Flash. It has two rows of LED lights on each side of the arm pocket with 3 light modes; flashing, steady and slow flash. This band is bright and loaded with lots of neat features that will take you from the run to meeting up with your mates afterwards!

ArmPocket Flash in action

ArmPocket Technical Features

Walk into most Running stores and you will find a myriad of phone cases. The dilemma is which one to chose? Is it going to be color, size or features? For me it has to be size and features. The Flash has both. Big enough to hold most new smartphones up to 5.5 inches which is perfect for me. It will hold my Samsung Galaxy 5s in a secure sticky strap. On the inside there are a two pockets to hold credit cards, money, or keys (you never know when you’re going have a bite to eat or coffee during or after your run).

The main feature of this armband is the LED lighting on the sides of the band. There are 3 modes: steady on, slow flash, and fast flash with visibility up to 500 ft. at which you are sure to get noticed even in the darkest of nights. It’s been said that the safest night time running accessories have two forms of visibility; active and passive. The Flash has both the LED and the logos that shine.

Another fantastic feature is that it is waterproof, so no worries about getting your expensive device wet. Gaining access to the battery storage pocket is simple and easy, so you can replace the battery when needed. The on/off button is the battery actual storage unit sealed in a waterproof silicon pocket.

Armpocket Flash ear buds cord storage

Inside pocket storage

Waterproof on/off button and battery pocket

Armpocket Flash Specifications

  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 5.5″ x 3.8″ x 0.8″ (14 cm x 9.5 cm x 1.9 cm)
  • Strap Sizes (measured around upper arm):
    • Small: 7″ – 11″ (18 cm – 28 cm)
    • Medium: 10″ – 15″ (25 cm – 38 cm)
  • Battery: 1 CR2032 (included)

Performance and Fit

As with any wearable phone case, fit and adjustability is the most important feature. The ArmPocket Flash has a secure heavy duty velcro enclosure that needs no exrta readjustments during your run. The Flash’s main pocket zipper stays shut and all your valuables remain safe and sound. Very reassuring considering what you’re storing inside! The handy velcro strap on the side stores the extra cord for your ear buds. The front window allows you to operate your device with gloves on and works on even the coldest of days! Now, that’s a function I am super happy about.

Final thoughts on the ArmPocket Flash

I have wore this band for several month now and have found it to be a complete pleasure to use.  I don’t need to carry any additional items to hold money or keys which is what every runner wants. The memory foam back hold the case securely to your arm and keeps out any additional moisture! The lights are bright and easy to turn on and off, and you can operate your phone’s audio player thru the case’s large window display! I recommend the ArmPocket Flash to anyone who wants have an all-in-one case that is very easy to use. Thank you ArmPocket for a great idea in phone storage!

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Mike Vigil: I am avid mountain biker and runner, I have competed in many trail races and a few Leadville mtb races. I have belonged to a few running clubs and am always looking for the next adventure!
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