SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer Review

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Buying multiple bags of ice to keep food and drinks cold for week long camping trips can really add up. More often then not, those bags are expensive (especially at a camp grounds), take time to track down and don’t seem to last very long at all, particularly in the heat of the summer. With companies like Dometic, Igloo, Coleman, GoSun, SetPower and many more offering electric coolers that don’t require any ice, we figured it was time to check one out and see if they are worth the investment. We will be testing out the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer, which falls into the mid to top level tier for cost and size.

SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer Unboxing and Build

The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer is shipped in a well packaged box with Styrofoam protection on the top and bottom. The box and freezer arrived undamaged and in perfect condition.

The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer does require a bit of assembly. The bottom feet, wheel bracket, wheels and left side lift handle needed to be installed and only took about ten minutes to complete.

Overall the RV60D feels and looks incredibly rugged. The build is solid and the quality materials give me the impression that I will have no problems or worries about taking this on the roughest of backcountry adventures.

Design of the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer

The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer has a lid that is removable with a two sided design, allowing the lid to be switched to open to which every side is convenient for opening. The lid is made of a very durable and thick plastic and has a nice high quality rubber seal that allows it to snap closed for an air tight seal.

Inside you will find a removable partition that gives you the option to choose from dual zone or single zone cooling. The step-up on the right hand side houses the cooling compressor underneath.

The RV60D is designed to offer flexibility with the dual zone control, allowing you to choose between fridge and freezer to accommodate whatever your perishables need. The control panel has independent temperature controls for both sides of the cooler.

The cooler comes with a single basket that can be used on either side of the partition or removed to maximize space. It also has an extremely useful built in LED light that illuminates both sides of the cooler. And lastly is a drain plug at the button that can be removed in case of spills or when the cooler needs to be washed out.

The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer weighs in at a hefty 43 pounds and measures approximately 29″ x  23″ x 22.5″ on the outside and 17.5″ x 13″ x 17.5″ x 10.5″ on the inside for a 56 liter capacity.

Portability of the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer

With a starting weight of 43 lbs. it is a good thing the RV60D Pro has wheels and a locking retractable pull handle. The wheels are sturdy, solid and offer a free rolling experience. Pulling the fully loaded cooler through uneven terrain is convenient and easy. The retractable handle offers just the right amount of leverage and distance from the cooler to make hauling it smooth and simple.

Setpower also includes two spring loaded side handles for lifting, but unless you eat your Wheaties, lifting or carrying it this way is more of a two person job when the cooler is fully stocked.

Performance of the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer

Temperatures can be set to a range of 0°F to 50°F with either or both of the zones thanks to the independent zone controls. The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer has a Max and Eco mode. The Max mode delivers a faster cooling but also uses more energy. During testing the Max mode pulled 81 watts using the the DC plug and around 54 watts in Eco mode.

Once the set temperature was reached the cooler uses almost not power at all and kicks on at about 35 watts to retain that set temp. Once cooled the RV60D boasts an average power consumption of about 0.5 kwh over 24h, which is quite energy efficient and can easily be supplied with a 100w solar panel and battery power station. Many factors will of course affect cooling speed and temperature retention, including outdoor temperatures and humidity levels. Overall I am quite pleased with the efficiency of this cooler.

The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer does come with a 12 volt DC power cord and a 110 V AC outlet adapter, for use on the grid or off the grid. Cooler operation is quiet when running, coming in at only 40 dB, right around the same level of a home refrigerator.

And last but not least is the three level battery protection that prevents over discharge and complete battery depletion when plugged into a DC vehicle outlet. When the measured DC voltage is below the the set cut-off value, the compressor will shut off automatically. And once the voltage is higher than the set start-up value, the compressor will go back to running again. An excellent feature that will never leave you with a dead vehicle battery.

Usability of the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer

There are many things that I really like about the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer. The ruggedness of the cooler gives me peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about babying it when loading or unloading it with other gear. The retractable handle and solid wheels eliminate any difficulties moving with the added weight of cooler contents, even in rough outdoor terrain.

The multiple ways to power the RV60D, the interior LED light, the quiet running and the reversible lid are all great. But my absolute favorite feature has to be the dual zone control. Being able to make one side a refrigerator and one side a freezer allows me to take my backcountry meals to new levels….and of course the best thing of all, is the ability to bring ice cream on camping trips.

Size wise the RV60D is stated to hold 72 – 12oz. cans, 64 – 18oz. bottles or 21 – 750ml wine bottles. I can confirm that it does indeed hold the 72 cans, two rows of 30 and one row of 12 above the compressor. Overall I could not be happier with the usability of the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer, it does a fantastic job at keeping ice cream and meats frozen and perishables and drinks cold.

Features of the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer

  • Removable Partition
  • Real dual zone design
  • Independent control panel
  • Two side opening doors design
  • Sturdy and retractable handle
  • Removable Wheels
  • 0°F-50°F fast cooling
  • Max & Eco mode
  • 3 level battery protection
  • Low noise & energy cost
  • 3-year warranty on compressor & 12-months warranty for other parts

Final Thoughts on the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer

The SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer is definitely an investment, but one that I would happily make again. In time it will pay for itself, not only with the money saved on buying bags of ice, but the food that usually gets tossed after a camping trip that has been infiltrated by melted ice water. If you are looking for a convenient and energy efficient way to keep food and drinks refrigerated or frozen no matter where the journey takes you, the SetPower RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer is a great option.

MSRP $599

For more info on the RV60D Pro Mobile Freezer and other SetPower products, visit

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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