Urban Armor Gear Plyo Series Phone Case

Note: I tested the Galaxy Note 8 version of this case but it is also available for the iPhone 6/7/8 and some other phones.

My needs for a smartphone case are fairly simple; drop protection in the form of corner bumpers, added grip for handling todays large phones, and minimal added bulk.  Urban Armor Gear or UAG has been making high quality cases for a wide range of devices for a number of years now and their experience shows in the Plyo Series.  Read on to see how it faired in real life use in my UAG Plyo Series phone case review.  I used the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with this case for a few weeks to get a feel for it.

There are all kinds of smartphone cases out there and it’s important to find the one that fits your needs after investing up to a thousand dollars on your device.  Many of the new phones are made up primarily of breakable glass that is expensive to fix and it makes sense to try to prevent this.  I like to have a case that will prevent most typical drops without being so big that I need to enlarge my pockets for it.  The Urban Armor Gear Plyo Series case is a really nice blend of size and protection. It adds minimal bulk by focusing material on the places that need it most and reducing it in others.  I did not feel like adding the case made the phone significantly harder to hold or bulky in my pockets.  What I really like about this case is the way it vastly improves the holdability of the Note 8.  The sides of the case have bumps that make them less smooth and slippery and the back uses a sloping of the rubber to create a place for your fingers to wrap into.  It’s a nice case to hold and will definitely prevent drops.

When a phone falls out of your hand, it will usually hit a corner first and that is why the most important area to protect is the corners.  The UAG Plyo Series case utilizes what they call Air-Soft corners to address this.  I’m not going to do an actual drop test, since I pay for my phone, but in the few times it’s taken a tumble onto various hard surfaces, it’s come away no worse for wear.  Urban Armor Gear has even certified the case for MIL STD 810G 516.6, which sounds awesome even though I have no idea what it means.  To provide protection on screen first drops, the corners are raised enough to be the first thing that will hit and I found they were thick enough for this purpose.

My phone comes with me throughout most of my active pursuits and the Plyo Series case uses a combination armor shell and impact resistant soft core to prevent damage.  Whether biking, hiking, or trail running, I felt comfortable knowing this case kept my $1000 Note 8 from scratches and bumps.  The UAG Plyo Series does not come with any sort of screen protection so it is important to keep that in mind.  If you’re worried about the screen, I suggest a glass screen protector that will also add impact resistance to the front.  The curved screen of the Note 8 is extremely hard to make a protector for and I have only used one that works well.  What is great about the UAG Plyo Series case is that it did not have any compatibility problems with my screen protector.  With another case I tried, I had to cut the inside edges a bit to keep it from pushing on my screen protector.

All in all, the UAG Plyo Series phone case for the Galaxy Note 8 is a great option for an everyday case.  It has enough protection for typical days and low impact activities.  All of the ports are easy to access and the buttons and volume rocker are distinct and easy to press.  The case adds minimal bulk to your phone and provides excellent grip for preventing drops.  At $39.95 MSRP, the Plyo Series case is not the least expensive you can buy but the quality and precision are better than the lower budget options and after all, you’re putting it on something that costs hundreds of dollars so it’s probably worth it.  Find out more at UrbanArmorGear.com

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