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Stella and Fozzie leading the way in Fruita, CO

Are you and your pups ready for a spring road trip? Trips to the desert in March and April help to break up the long mountain town winters. The desert provides sunshine and dry trails, which is not only good for our souls, but also our dogs. Kurgo provided us with three key products to make travels with our dogs, Fozzie and Stella a bit more enjoyable.

Allagash Cargo Cape $90

Between winter and spring in the mountains, it is mud season! On our trip to the desert, the enemy was sand and red dirt. Thankfully, the addition of the Kurgo Allagash Cargo Cape saved the interior of our Subaru Forrester. The Allagash Cargo Cape helps to protect the back seats of the SUV and cargo area. The Allagash Cargo Cape not only keeps fur and mud from getting ground into the back of the seats (when flipped up or down in the SUV), it also keeps the carpet from absorbing melting snow or ice and water that develops on the dogs or the gear that is tossed in the back. The Allagash Cargo Cape is made of a waterproof material called Hydraweave: the material is durable, doesn’t attract pet hair, easily wipes clean with a wet rag, and is machine washable. We also put our 3 month old Christmas tree in the back of the Subaru and were able to easily sweep out the pine needles.

The Kurgo Allagash Cargo Cape measures 52″ wide and 62″ long and fits most small-medium sized SUVs and minivans. The cape fits the Subaru perfectly, with one exception, the middle zipper. The Cargo Cape has a center zipper that allows you to flip one seat up or down without having to remove the cape; only downside is that our car doesn’t fold down directly in the middle, rather two seats fold together or just a single seat.  Really, that is my only complaint with the cape.

The Allgash Cargo Cape is easy to adjust and clips into place at the headrest. There is velcro on the underside that helps to keep the material in place along the top and middle of the cape. There are two mesh pockets on the side to help keep leashes or toys from rolling around. I typically don’t use these as the dogs are pretty stubborn and would likely chew through the mesh to get to the item.

We also used the cargo cape in our larger SUV and found that its’ protection and coverage was excellent when the cape was placed over the front seat head rests, with the middle row folded down to accommodate ski gear and the dogs. The cape reached approximately 2/3rds the length of the cargo area, and our rubberized mat protected the remainder of the vehicle.

The Kurgo Allagash Cargo Cape retails for $90 and is well worth the money in terms of decreasing your need to vacuum the interior or wipe down the cargo area.

Splash Free Wander Bowl $13

The Kurgo Splash Free Wander Bowl is an easy to clean silicone bowl that allows your pet to have access to water while you are moving on the road. The Splash Free Wander Bowl features a a tapered lip and what Kurgo calls, a wedge design, that allows the bowl to sit flush or flat on the seat and is higher on one side to help prevent splashing over the lip. Kurgo also recommends only filling to 50%, however, I regularly fill 3/4’s full and have had no issues with spilling despite steep inclines and declines around town or on the nearby mountain passes.

I keep the Splash Free Wander Bowl in the car so that I can easily fill the bowl after a trail run or dog walk. The bowl holds up to 24 oz of water, which means that I typically have to fill it twice on a hot day. When the bowl is full, you can easily carry it with one hand supporting the bottom. There is more structure to the Splash Free Wander Bowl, which means it is more durable, but does not fold up like other silicone bowls on the market. The dog bowl may also be used for your dog food as well, to keep it from tipping over. With two dogs, we typically don’t leave food out in the car as they are bound to knock it over.

As you can see, both dogs easily drink out of the bowl. The Kurgo Splash Free Water Bowl retails for $13 and is a fair price for an easy to wash, durable, and versatile product.

Surf N Turf Life Vest $60

Airedale Terriers are typically known as water dogs. Unfortunately, 3 out of the 4 Airedales we have owned have not taken to water naturally.  The Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Vest is a great addition to help teach the dogs both how to swim and to provide us with a bit more piece of mind with high water run off/melting and stand up paddle adventures this spring. The Surf N Turf Life Vest size medium fits both of our dogs perfectly and was extremely easy to get the right size thanks to the “How To Measure” video and chart.

The Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Vest has two easy to adjust buckles that wrap under the rib cage and belly and a chest strap that features velcro and a buckle to keep the jacket in place. The two large handles on the top of the life jacket are perfect for retrieving your dog from the water or to hold onto them while paddling or bracing for a wave while on a SUP. The life jacket also features 2 D rings for attachments for a leash, one of them doubles as a bottle opener! 

The Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Vest features a waterproof outer layer and mesh underside that dries quickly. Between the two layers is a removable foam insert that provides the flotation. The jacket adds enough buoyancy for the dogs so that they don’t start the panic swimming (front paws flailing) and move with purposeful swim strokes. The inside foam layer can be removed and the jacket may be used as a rain coat. The coverage of the life jacket isn’t as large as other rain coats that we own, but the versatility is a nice option to help reduce the number of items packed for a road trip. I did have an issue getting the chest straps back into the perfect position, yet that didn’t limit the flotation ability of the jacket.

Fozzie swimming laps at the Highline State Park in Fruita, CO.

The Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Vest retails for $60 and is available in size XS to XL to meet your dogs needs.

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