Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed

After a few weeks on the road, Stella, an Active Gear Review dog product reviewer, was more than happy to come home to her Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wrap Around Dog Bed with Memory Foam. From day one, she has loved that dog bed. Maybe it is the 4” of memory foam cushioning or the faux fur that feels like your favorite stuffed animal. Either way, Stella has vacated her humans’ bed and has opted for her new dog bed since its’ arrival in a large box from UPS. As a side note, when I brought the box inside the house, instantly she was drawn too it as she could tell it was hers. She is a smart Airedale Terrier and knows when products are dog specific or not.

Memory Foam Technology

I have to admit, I was a little jealous of Stella’s new bed, as was my husband (featured in the photo below). The Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed features high density memory foam that sinks slightly to support your dog, yet rebounds to its’ original shape when not in use.

Kevin, who is 6ft tall, curled up in the Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed, size Large.

After about 6 weeks of every night and some daytime use, you cannot tell where Stella sleeps. Unlike other traditional fill dog beds that wear down in the high use areas, the 4″ thick memory foam provides support now and will continue to for many more years to come. Orvis also utilizes open-cell technology to help maintain the dog’s body temperature. This feature is difficult to assess from a human’s point of view, but I believe that the added faux-fur overlay helps to keep her cozy in the cooler days. The memory foam is encased in a zippered water-resistant liner, which can be easily removed for washing. This layer helps to protect and extend the life of the foam for many years to come.

Water-resistant protector for memory foam

Design and Features

The Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed, as its’ name suggests, features an oval shaped wraparound design. In the dog bed world, this can be also called a bolster design. This Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed is perfect for dogs of any age, as the foam supports their joints and body weight, while the poly-fill bolster sides offer a soft place to rest their head, paw, etc. The model that Stella tested out, also featured a faux-fur cover with suede bottom and sides. The faux-fur is super soft to the touch and feels like a stuffed animal toy. Stella actually licked the bed when she first got it, but fortunately never chewed it. If your dog is a chewer, Orvis does make products with their ToughChew fabric.

What I really like about Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed is its’ overall appearance. Many dog beds on the market are eye sores that do not blendwith home decor. Orvis offers this dog bed, and many of it’s others, in earthy tones. Stella’s bed features a navy suede bottom and sides with tan faux-fur. The bed is also available in khaki, hunter green, and chocolate.

The seams or transitions from one fabric to another are very sturdy. My mother’s dog Lucy, has had her original Orvis bed for nearly 8 years, and I expect this bed to also last that long. The cover can be easily zippered off around the bolsters, while the memory foam can also be removed via a zipper along the bottom of the bed. Orvis states that the cover is machine washable as well. Thankfully we have not had to wash ours yet, but when we do it should fit in our top loader without any issues. If for some reason our Stella takes a liking to the cover, or we are unable to spot clean it to our standards, Orvis sells the covers separately on their website.

Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed with Memory Foam Sizing

The Orivs Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed with Memory Foam is available in three sizes, small through large.

  • Small 28″ x 21″ outside dimensions, dogs up to 15-35 lbs.
  • Medium 36″ x 29″ outside dimensions, dogs 35-50 lbs.
  • Large 42″ x 33″ outside dimensions, dogs 50-80 lbs.

The size guide is merely a recommendation. Every owner may want to order up or down based on the sleeping style of their pooch. Stella weighs a mere 45 lbs, but sleeps all stretched out on her back with her head hanging off the bed. Therefore, we opted for a size large to give her many head hanging options and the ability to stretch out in comfort and remaining fully supported. We were previously owned by an 88 lb Airedale Terrier, and I feel that this bed would have offered plenty of space for him. Our friends 100 lbs lab mix came over and he fit just fine in the bed as well, just a bit more snug is all.

Here is a quick guide or tool specific to the Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed, courtesy of Orvis.

Bottom view of the dog bed

Orvis offers an Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed in extra small for dogs up to 15 lbs; however, this model does not feature the faux-fur or memory foam. If you love the design of the Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed with Memory Foam, but don’t want to spend up to $279 (based on a size large) for a dog bed, then check out the Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed, constructed with the same great quality, but utilizes a non-pilling fleece liner and a standard fill or memory foam. You may have noticed that the size cut off may leave out many breeds. Do not fear, Orvis has plenty of dog bed options for extra large dogs. For instance, if you have a Great Pyrenees, Malamute, or Great Dane, then you should check out the Orvis Dream Lounger or Deep Dish.

Overall, Stella has been loving the latest addition to our bedroom, her Orvis Faux-Fur Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed. We are also loving the added space that we now have and the peace of mind that we are providing her with a comfortable sleeping option. As Stella ages, I am sure that the memory foams support will continue to grow in value. Despite a price tag of $198 for a small, $229 for a medium, and $279 for a size large, I feel that the bed is worth the money as it will last for many years to come. After a long day on the trail, doesn’t your dog deserve a comfortable nights sleep? For more information on this dog bed and other great products from Orivs, please click here.

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