Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter

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If you are a fan of Solo Stove Fire Pits, you know how amazing they are for creating a smokeless, cozy, and mesmerizing fire in your backyard. But did you know that you can now use pellets as an alternative fuel source for your Solo Stove fire pit? That’s right, with the new Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter, you can easily switch between wood and pellet fuel sources in seconds and enjoy the benefits of both.

The Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter is a removable insert that fits on the existing wood grate of the Solo Stove Ranger, Bonfire or Yukon fire pit. It is made of durable stainless steel and features vent holes that prevent pellets from falling into the ash pan until they’ve burned through. This minimizes waste and keeps your pellet-fueled fire burning bright and warm for longer. The adapter also has an integrated handle for easy removal and storage.

Pellets are easy to light, source, and store. And they offer a consistent and beautiful secondary burn for 2+ hours on a single fill. The Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter can optimize your fire pit for a pellet-fueled burn and turn it into the ultimate dual-fuel backyard centerpiece.

The Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter is available now starting at $39.99. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is compatible with all current 1.0 and 2.0 base plates of Ranger, Bonfire or Yukon fire pits.

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