Eagle Creek Systems Go Duffel Pack Review

Jay Rush

Jay moved to Colorado in 1993 after working the ski lifts at Crystal Mountain, Washington following high school. He has split the last 20 years as a snowboarder, telemark, cross-country and alpine skier. Jay is a freelance photographer specializing in adventure sports and portaiture. His summer passions include surfing, mountain bike and cyclocross racing, hiking, and yoga to heal his battered body. He lives in Vail with his wife, herself a former professional snowboarder, and two dogs. Jay's photography can be viewed at www.jayrushphoto.com

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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    What size did you get (shown in your pic wearing it)?

  2. Ang says:

    Great review Jay! How comfortable do you think the pack would be for a full day of hiking? I’ve got two treks planned next year, one 4 day hike up Machu Picchu and one 8 day trek up Kilimanjaro and I’m curious about how this would perform for a full day of walking. I’m willing to sacrifice some of the comfort of a fully ergonomic pack for the convenience of a carry-on sized pack (I have a 36L Osprey Stratos that I’m hesitant to bring because it’s just over carry on size). Any feedback you have would be really appreciated!

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