Patagonia Paxat Pack 32L Review

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2 Responses

  1. Lau says:

    Hello! Nice review! Can you tell me if this backpack has a frame sheet? TIA.

    PD: here’s a pic of a frame sheet for reference.

  2. Kevin Fonger says:

    Hi Lau,

    The Patagonia Paxat 32L doesn’t have a frame sheet. There are two layers of padding, one that sits against the back which is the thickest layer and one between the laptop sleeve(sits closest to the back) and the main backpack compartment. It acts more like a backpack for work/school vs. a technical pack for outdoor use. I have used it on many of occasions when I didn’t feel like carrying two backpacks with me when going to work and then and doing an activity after.

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