Bushnell Backtrack GPS Navigation System Review

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  1. Sam Tortorich says:

    This tool is a great complement for today’s hunter. The only setback, from my experience, is that the arrow indicator does not precisely point you back to the waypoint. Nevertheless, the tool is still very useful in locating the waypoint by using the arrow as a general guide and as you come within 20-40 yards of the waypoint you can locate your exact position by reference to whether the yards are indicating that you are getting closer or further away. I used this tool in the following situations and was successfully able to navigate back to the waypoint each time: First, I used it to locate the property gate in wide open and unfamiliar country in the dark. (In retrospect, a traditional GPS with some topo maps loaded would have been better, but the fact that I was able to navigate the back roads in Wyoming, make a determination that I had just passed the access road, and back up to the access road to find the gate speaks volumes of how useful this small and hearty tool can be in a pinch). Next, I used the BackTrack to successfully navigate over a mile and half of semi dense forest to get back to pre determined point where the rest of my party would be waiting for me. Last, I used this device to assess how far the shot was (a reverse range finder), relocate the downed game, and finally to relocate my expensive equipment that I had left behind to retrieve the game. Bottom line, for today’s hunter this item is essential! Say goodbye to spending time leaving a breadcrumb trail of orange tape behind. Say goodbye to spending valuable pre sunrise minutes trying to follow bright eyes in the dark with a flashlight to find your tree stand. This is a must have.

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