Keen Revel Hiking Boot Review

Adam B

Adam is an outdoor sports enthusiast with a specific passion for running, racing, cycling, and triathlon. When he's not out racking up miles in Denver, Colorado, he runs a small graphic design and web firm. Adam enjoys all types of outdoor adventures in the beautiful Colorado mountains!

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  1. Norm says:

    I was absolutely astonished to read your review on the Keen remarking “…and the razor-cut sipes in the outsole lugs looked like they would provide great traction, especially on icy sidewalks and trails…”

    I love my Keen boots! They have a great toe box, they fit right (unlike some brands that run narrow, like Vasque). They hold up well. I wear them all the time.

    BUT, like reviews on other sites I have read my personal experience is that Keen boots are like walking on marbles or with ice skates if the surface is wet. Algae on a rock, boulders in a stream, or a wet log across the trail can put you on your backside in a hurry!

    Again, I love my Keen boots, but probably won’t buy another pair unless they change the sole. I live north of Seattle and can’t escape “wet” conditions!

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