Think Tank Modular Component Set V2.0 Review


Photojournalist Paul Shippey is a former elite triathlete and endurance sports competitor. He is also the gear editor for EverymanTri. Shippey’s racing accomplishments are varied and include; Ironman SA, Comrades Ultra Marathon, Boston Marathon, ITU Worlds, Bar One Adventure Racing Series and the Nissan Xterra Series. The South African native is the owner of Automotive Media Solutions – an automotive marketing and PR firm in Denver. He is also a former professional driver and racing instructor.

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  1. I wanted to add my comments on the available belts from Think Tank for use with the modular components. For 2 years I have been wearing the Pro Speed Belt with the component system and it is an essential part of my wedding and portrait gear. The Pro Speed Belt offers a decent amount of padding while still being relatively sleek. It is perfectly adequate for the average amount of gear that a lot of photographers carry on them during a shoot. Recently, I have been testing Think Tank’s Steroid Speed Belt and found it to be a great alternative. The Steroid Speed Belt is intended for those carrying heavier/more gear on them and features a much wider padding to distribute the weight better. When I have a lot of professional level glass and an extra camera body on me, the added padding is very welcome. The Steroid Belt also differs from the Pro Speed Belt in that the modular components attach to a rail attached to the padded part instead of directly to the part on your body. I like this because the components move much more freely around the belt when you want to redistribute them. I will probably be using both belts in my professional work and choose depending on the situation.

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