MSR Elixir 4 Tent Review

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  1. Peter Jurd says:

    MSR Elixir 4 – Short Life Leaker

    Very disappointing – water-resistant for less than 4 years! I always research camping equipment carefully and am generally happy to pay for something that works. I wanted a 4-person tent for family trekking holidays that was light enough for me to carry alone, but big enough to hold a family of 4. This tent performed reasonably well to start with. The basic design is fine, although it’s difficult to pitch so that the inner and outer don’t touch – extra guy-ropes needed? The two porches were good. We used it a couple of times and then Covid hit so it was stored in a cupboard in the bedroom for the last two years. On getting it out this year (4 years after purchase) for a canoe safari on the Wye we found that the flysheet had perished. We ended up spending 3 nights in rain in a tent that let in water – not a couple of drops, but rivers – hello soggy down and crying daughter, goodbye sleep and library books! It is effectively useless. In other circumstances, this could have been dangerous. On contacting MSR about the issue they pointed out that it was not their problem as it was out of the 3 year warranty (thus justifying this review). So there you go, if you are going to get enough use out of this tent to justify the cost in 3 years before the flysheet gives up, or you will use it where it never rains (e.g. East Anglia, England at the moment), then go for it. If not I would suggest another make – my North Face Tadpole is still going after 20 years of hard service all around the world with only a couple of minor duct-tape repairs…

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