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LifeStraw Peak Series Filtration Review – A Difference Maker

A LifeStraw History Lesson (A Brief One) The LifeStraw story goes back more than 20 years where the founder, Mikkel… Read More

15 Praiseworthy Products for Your Next Camping Trip

The Summer camping season is in full swing and if you have found that some of your camping gear isn't… Read More

LIZ – The Self-Cleaning Smart Bottle with Hydration Reminders

Featuring UV Sterilization, This Next-Gen Smart Bottle Helps Users Live a Healthier, Active Lifestyle NOERDEN has unveiled the LIZ Smart… Read More

MODL Utility Bottle – A Reimagined Take on Hydration

MODL is a utility bottle that uses interchangeable attachments called MODs that adapt to just about any adventure and can… Read More

LifeStraw Flex with Gravity Bag

LifeStraw, a global leader in developing innovative filtration and purification products for safe drinking water, launched the LifeStraw Flex gravity filter, an… Read More

Katadyn Announces Fourth Addition to its Award-Winning BeFree Water Filtration System Line

Katadyn, global manufacturer of industry leading water treatment systems, is proud to launch the Gravity BeFree 3.0L Filtration System, the fourth… Read More

Lifesaver Liberty Bottle Review

With a LifeSaver bottle, you can forever say goodbye to packing, transporting or wasting bottled water when you’re going off grid, camping,… Read More

SteriPEN Ultra Review

SteriPEN Ultra Overview The SteriPEN Ultra is a fantastic water purification device that works easily, effectively, and is compact enough to… Read More

Steripen Classic 3 Water Purifier Review

The Steripen Classic 3 is portable handheld water purifier that uses UV light to purify unclean water and operates on… Read More

Camelbak Relay Water Filter Review

With decades of making products to drink water while being active, Camelbak has ventured outside the world of hydration packs… Read More

Platypus GravityWorks 2L Water Filter Review

Gimmicky products are easy to spot. They feel cheap to the touch, perform even worse, and generally become more of… Read More

Platypus Gravityworks Filter Review

Backpacking and Camping away from potable water can be a pain. You either end up packing in a heavy load… Read More

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