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Honbike Review

Honbike is a micro-mobility pioneer, revolutionizing the e-bike category. With teams in the US, Europe, China, and Japan, Honbike is implementing aeronautical, automotive and consumer electronics expertise to e-bike design, engineering and manufacturing. And...

Ride1UP Core-5

Ride1UP Core-5 Review

Ride1UP got their start in the eBike world by building their own electric bikes by hand and came to the conclusion that most eBike riders do after one ride….”These things are life-changing. They offer...

Biktrix Moto

Biktrix Moto Review

Back in April, Biktrix unveiled their latest addition to their e-bike line up named the Moto. It’s design was inspired by mopeds and built with electric mobility in mind. Biktrix created this electric bike...

Baleaf 5" 4D Chamois Padded Mesh Panels Cycling Bib Shorts

The Baleaf Bib Short Review

Initial Take On The Baleaf 5″ 4D Chamois Padded Mesh Panels Cycling Bib Shorts With these Baleaf Bib Shorts, let’s just agree that a simpler title might be more advantageous when trying to make...