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Rapha Launches Indoor Training Apparel

Rapha Launches Indoor Training Apparel

Designed specially for indoor training, this collection will help you stay comfortable while you’re working your hardest. From gentle warm-ups to sweat-drenched sufferfests, returning from injury or recovering midweek, the indoor trainer is an...

Hiplok Gold

The HipLok Gold Bicycle Lock Review

First Take On The Hiplok Gold As the name kind of suggests, the HipLok Gold is a wearable lock (around your hip) with its patented carry system. Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for...

Commuter Pant

Commuter Pants Nice Enough To Wear In The Office

Commuter Pants First Thoughts I am tasked with reviewing 10 beautifully crafted pairs of commuter cycling pants. In my line of work, if I get to bike commute twice or thrice per week, I’d...

Lem MotivAir

LEM MotivAir Cycling Helmet Features an exoCarbon Shell

At 220 grams, the MotivAir features LEM’s proprietary exoCarbon shell technology and low-density EPS foam to improve low-energy and oblique impact management. LEM Helmets, manufacturer of innovative and performance-driven cycling helmets for road, mountain,...

POC Ventral Air Spin

POC Ventral Air Spin Review

POC Ventral Air Spin The POC Ventral Air Spin is one of their latest entries into the cycling helmet space. With a focus on ventilation, aerodynamics, and comfort, the Ventral Air Spin attempts to...