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Ready to fine-tune your machine? Our website offers in-depth reviews of bike components, catering to all cycling disciplines. Whether you’re a road warrior, mountain shredder, or casual cruiser, we analyze wheels, drivetrains, brakes, handlebars, stems, and a plethora of other components. Our reviews consider factors like weight, performance, compatibility, budget, and riding style, helping you find the perfect upgrades to optimize your efficiency, conquer climbs, and personalize your cycling experience. No more generic components – explore our reviews and unlock the full potential of your bike!

Enduro Bearings Launches Direct To Consumer Website

Cyclists of the world take note: Enduro Bearings has launched a direct to consumer website with every one of their… Read More

RedShift Shockstop Suspension Seatpost Review

There is something funny about reviewing a product type that has been around for a while but until recently had… Read More

Lizard Skins Cycling Bar Tape Review

Over time, I have tried and tested pretty much all of the critical components of the bicycle. Somehow Lizard Skins… Read More

TIME Xpro 10 Cycling Pedal Review

The Time XPRO 10 is being marketed as a pedal that resonates with race road cyclists as well as the… Read More

Pirelli Road Tire Review

After a 25 year hiatus, Pirelli is back to producing bicycle tires. They are hitting their stride with various tire… Read More

Gravel Grinding Review Of The Michelin Power Tire

I have had good luck with Michelin in recent past. My road bike sports the Michelin Pro Endurance. They've survived… Read More

Shimano Bike Components XTR M9100 Series: Race Performance

With the introduction of XTR M9100-series, SHIMANO continues the legacy of innovation associated with XTR as the ultimate mountain bike racing… Read More

Pioneer SGY-PM68 Series Power Meter Review

The Pioneer SGY-PM68 Series Power Meter Training with power. It's a phrase most beginners triathletes and cyclists have heard - whether… Read More

The Pioneer SGY-PMLTC Power Meter hits the market!

The Pioneer SGY-PMLTC Single Leg Power Meter Want to get into Power metrics for triathlon and cycle training, but don't… Read More

Specialized Roval Rapide SL 35 Review

You can get into all kinds of crazy ‘geek-ing’ out about carbon layering, component groups, and aero or weight saving… Read More

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