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Rapha Launches Indoor Training Apparel

Rapha Launches Indoor Training Apparel

Designed specially for indoor training, this collection will help you stay comfortable while you’re working your hardest. From gentle warm-ups to sweat-drenched sufferfests, returning from injury or recovering midweek, the indoor trainer is an...

Lizard Skins

Lizard Skins Monitor SL Gel Gloves Review

The Lizard Skins Monitor SL Gel Gloves Did you know Lizard Skins made gloves? Neither did I. Lizard Skins has always been a go-to when it comes to bar tape (read our review on...

Reggie Lightning Vest

The REGGIE Lightning Vest Review

The Reggie Lightning Vest. This vest is loud, bright, and proud. I’ll review it for its fit, comfort, and material quality. In all reality, the Reggie Lightning Vest is all about its design and...

Reggie Cycling

The Reggie Bike Kit Review

Why Do I Want To Yell “REGGIE” From The Top Of My Lungs Every Time I Put On My Reggie Bike Kit?  I am reviewing the Reggie Bike Kit, but I always want to...


Velotoze Cycling Accessories Review

First Thoughts On The Velotoze Shoe Covers and Gloves Wind, rain, and cold are the three most dreaded words to a cyclist. Maybe, add “up-hill” to that list, but from a weather related standpoint,...


Velocio Tricolor Jersey and LUXE Bib Short

Design. Ride. Design again. For a company like Velocio who is always trying to perfect their clothing, they make sure that it is built around fit first. Where every fabric, panel, seam, enclosure, and...