Fishing Gear Reviews

Anglers rejoice! Landing that trophy fish or that perfect catch requires the right equipment. But with overflowing tackle shops and countless online options, choosing the best fishing gear can feel like navigating a rushing river. At Active Gear Review, we provide a calm inlet for all your fishing tackle needs. Our in-depth reviews analyze fishing rods, reels, lures, line, and other equipment for performance, durability, value, and suitability for different fish species and fishing styles. We help you hook the perfect gear to maximize your time on the water and reel in fishing success.

Orvis PRO Zip Bootfoot Waders Review

The Orvis PRO Zip bootfoot waders stand as a beacon of durability and practical design. Join me on this review… Read More

Costa King Tide 8 Sunglasses Review

A king tide is the largest tide of the year. This phenomenon creates big water movements and some of the… Read More

Bajio Nippers Sunglasses Review

When it comes to sunglasses, I'm always on the lookout for a pair that combines style with effectiveness. The Bajio… Read More


My Experience with the LUNKERSTICK: The Ultimate Fishing Rod for Avid Bass Anglers As an avid angler, I'm constantly searching… Read More

Bajio Bales Beach Review

Cold bright sunny days are the name of the game for a winter day in Colorado. Although jackets, boots, gloves,… Read More

Gerber Fish Collection Review

Gerber knives has a new product line, and it is pretty sweet. Along with knives, multitools, and cutting tools, Gerber… Read More

YETI Hopper M30

YETI has launched the latest evolution of its soft cooler collection, the Hopper M30. The Hopper M30 features a new… Read More

Bubba Blade Fishing Net Review

If you are a fisherman you probably have heard about the company Bubba Blade. Bubba Blade designs the go-to knives… Read More

Costa Broadbill Sunglasses Review

The Costa Broadbill Sunglasses are one of the latest offerings from Costa del Mar. Costa is a powerhouse when it… Read More

Echo Trip Fly Rod Review

What is great about fly fishing is that there is a toy for every situation. If you are like me,… Read More

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