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Running Gear Reviews

Whether you’re running roads, trails, or into minimalist running, we have the gear reviews for you. Reviews include road running shoes, trail running shoes, running apparel, hydration packs, and running accessories. Our testers take testing serious so you can be sure you get the best running products for you.

Bajio Roca Sunglasses Review

Bajio Roca Sunglasses Review

Bajio Sunglasses are a new player in the world of eyewear. In the time of so many great eyewear companies Bajio has made a big splash in the market. As a fisherman, instructor, and...

Brooks Levitate GTS 5 Review

First Thoughts On The Brooks Levitate GTS 5 The Levitate was first introduced in 2017, and like all brands and models, Brooks is continuously looking to make improvements. That usually involves slight modifications each...

Gifts for Runners

Gifts for Runners

Give a gift that will help your favorite runner go the distance. We have vetted an array of apparel, shoes, and the best accessories, which are perfect for everyone from new runners to experienced...

Brooks Trace

Brooks Trace Review

First Thoughts on The Brooks Trace Brooks and I go way back. Admittedly, I have really played the field. To put it nicely, I am a Brooks Philanderer. Having gone from the freeflowing and...

Sport Sunglasses for Summer 2020

Sport Sunglasses for Summer

It is crucial to protect your eyes when you’re cycling, running, or hiking out in the Summer sun. And we need a pair of sunglasses that can keep up. Making performance the number one...

Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses with Chromopop lens

Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses Review

The Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses are designed with active people in mind. This sunglass is great for runners and cyclists who want to forgo the traditional wrap-around sporty-looking sunglasses for something that looks a little...