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Tifosi Sanctum Sunglasses

Tifosi Sanctum Sunglasses Review

In 2003, Tifosi Optics embarked on a mission to create sport sunglasses that embody quality, performance, style, and value. With a focus on empowering enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities, Tifosi has become...

Soundcore AeroFit Pro

Soundcore AeroFit Pro Review

During my regular runs, I usually avoid headphones to enjoy the company of fellow runners. However, I recently explored open-ear headphones with the Soundcore AeroFit Pro. Celebrated for their comfort and stellar audio, these...

Yaktrax Run

Yaktrax Run Review

Turn any pair of running shoes into ice grabbers. With the Yaktrax Run, ice and snow can no longer be a deterrent to getting outdoors to do some winter running. Slip the Yaktrax Run...

Night Trek 270° Shoe Lights

Night Trek 270 Shoe Lights Review

Headlamps are generally the light source of choice when heading outdoors for an adventure in the dark, because they allow for hands free operation, they’re small and lightweight, and they have a long battery...