Running Packs & Vests

TSL Finisher 12L Hydration Pack Review

Running long-distance races, particularly ultramarathons, demands mental toughness and a well-thought-out plan tailored to individual needs. Over the past 10… Read More

Nathan VaporAir 3.0 Hydration Pack Review

Are you ready to take your long-distance running to the next level? Look no further than the Nathan VaporAir 3.0… Read More

Top Running Waist Packs for Summer

With Summer running comes hot and humid weather which in turn results in the need of hydration on just about… Read More

Mountainsmith Develops Trailblazing Zerk 40L Fastpack

Mountainsmith, craftsmen of iconic backcountry equipment and recreational outdoor gear has created the ultimate thru-hiking pack co-designed with elite long… Read More

Best Running Hydration Packs

Optimal hydration is essential for continued performance on the run. And while we love handhelds, there is no more of… Read More

HydraPak Review

Pushing boundaries to redefine the future of hydration, HydraPak creates innovative solutions that stand up to the harshest environments. Easy-to-use… Read More

Inov-8 Race Elite Vest Review

Letting yourself get dehydrated is the quickest way to derail your performance and ruin your run. Using a hydration vest… Read More

Ultimate Direction Jurek FKT Vest Review

Ultimate Direction continues to push innovation with the UD Jurek FKT Vest.  This running pack has a minimalist design with… Read More

Nathan VaporKrar 4L Race Vest Review

One essential piece of running gear for any trail runner is the hydration vest. The perfect vest needs to have… Read More

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta Review

Pros of the Adventure Vesta (Jenny Collection) Mesh straps for all day comfort and breathability function well in hot conditions… Read More

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