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Sport sunglass reviews

REKS Rx Sunglasses Review

REKS is an eyewear company that is making high quality sunglasses at affordable prices. They source their premium lenses from… Read More

Bajio Bales Beach Review

Cold bright sunny days are the name of the game for a winter day in Colorado. Although jackets, boots, gloves,… Read More

Tifosi Optics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Sunglasses Collection

Tifosi Optics has unveiled their special pink sunglasses collection that is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. A portion of… Read More

Bajio Roca Sunglasses Review

Bajio Sunglasses are a new player in the world of eyewear. In the time of so many great eyewear companies… Read More

Sunglasses for Summer – A Pair for Everybody

Whether you are heading out to hit the trails or cruising through town on your way to the beach, a… Read More

Tifosi Optics Rail – A Rimless Eyeshield

Full coverage shield sunglasses offer cyclists superior coverage but can be heavy and uncomfortable to wear as well as restrict… Read More

Smith Adds New Snow Focused Sunglasses to Lineup

When summitting high peaks or exploring vast snowfields, eye protection in the alpine is serious business. Which is why Smith… Read More

Smith Optics Pathway Rx Sunglasses Review

First Thoughts On The Smith Optics Pathway Please note that Smith makes a wide variety of sunglasses. Most of the… Read More

Upgrade Your Shades – Select Active and Lifestyle Sunglasses for Summer

Considering that Summer is just around the corner, it is likely time to upgrade your shades with a new pair… Read More

Sport Sunglasses for Summer

It is crucial to protect your eyes when you're cycling, running, or hiking out in the Summer sun. And we… Read More

Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses Review

The Smith Pinpoint Sunglasses are designed with active people in mind. This sunglass is great for runners and cyclists who… Read More

Top Performance Sunglasses for 2019

If getting outside to train, race or just be adventurous is high on your priority list, a pair of sunglasses… Read More

The Best Lifestyle Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential staple for those who spend time outdoors. And rather than wasting $10 on a pair of… Read More

Costa Broadbill Sunglasses Review

The Costa Broadbill Sunglasses are one of the latest offerings from Costa del Mar. Costa is a powerhouse when it… Read More

ROKA AT-1 / AT-1x Sunglasses Review

ROKA AT-1 / AT-1x Sunglasses The new ROKA AT-1 / AT-1x sunglasses are all about versatility in an effort to… Read More

Smith Optics Roam Sunglass Review

Stylish and functional are two words that easily describe the Smith Roam sunglasses. I've been testing these sunglasses on backcountry… Read More

Smith Outback Sunglasses Review

For the hardcore adventure crazies and the weekend warriors, having one pair of sunglasses that can do it all is… Read More

Tifosi Optics Releases Swank SL and Svago

Tifosi Swank SL and Svago - Where Sport Meets Life Have it all. Tifosi Optics is ready to wow sports… Read More

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