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Sport sunglass reviews

Costa King Tide 8 Sunglasses Review

A king tide is the largest tide of the year. This phenomenon creates big water movements and some of the… Read More

A Roka Rory 2.0 Prescription Sunglasses Review

Roka’s tagline for these glasses and various other models in the Bourbon Collection is as follows: “Summer. Distilled. Bourbon Collection: Inspired… Read More

Bajio Nippers Sunglasses Review

When it comes to sunglasses, I'm always on the lookout for a pair that combines style with effectiveness. The Bajio… Read More

Smith Optics Lineup Sunglasses Review

As an enthusiast of outdoor activities and an avid sunglasses wearer, I am always on the lookout for exceptional eyewear.… Read More

Review of the Dragon Baile H2O Polarized Sunglasses

With the scorching summer sun beating down, protecting my eyes from harmful UV rays becomes an essential part of my… Read More

The Best Summer Sunglasses for Every Occasion and Activity

Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you're ready to take on the world. But wait, do… Read More

Tifosi Optics Smirk Sunglasses

The Tifosi Smirk sunglasses are the perfect pair of active-lifestyle sunglasses for any occasion. Whether it's running, golfing or just… Read More

REKS Rx Sunglasses Review

REKS is an eyewear company that is making high quality sunglasses at affordable prices. They source their premium lenses from… Read More

Bajio Bales Beach Review

Cold bright sunny days are the name of the game for a winter day in Colorado. Although jackets, boots, gloves,… Read More

Tifosi Optics’ Breast Cancer Awareness Sunglasses Collection

Tifosi Optics has unveiled their special pink sunglasses collection that is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. A portion of… Read More

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