Running Gear Reviews

Running Gear Reviews

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just starting your running journey, the right gear can make all the difference. At Active Gear Review, we help you conquer every stride with confidence. Our comprehensive reviews analyze shoes, apparel, and accessories, dissecting features like cushioning, support, breathability, reflectivity, and weatherproofing. We cater to runners of all levels and needs, exploring minimalist options for speed demons, cushioned shoes for long distances, and supportive choices for trail runs. Discover unbiased recommendations to find the perfect gear that propels you towards your personal bests and fuels your passion for the run.

Altra Escalante 4 Review

Imagine a world where your feet are treated as equals, where no part reigns supreme over the other. Welcome to… Read More

Altra Experience Wild Trail Running Shoe Review

Altra, a brand renowned for its commitment to foot-shaped designs and zero-drop philosophy, has taken a bold step forward with… Read More

Tifosi Swank Sunglasses Review

Slipping on a pair of sunglasses from the Neon Lights collection by Tifosi Optics guarantees a good time! The fun… Read More

Look Good, Feel Good, See Great: Sunglasses for Performance and Style

An active lifestyle is like a highway that has more twists and turns than a mountain bike trail. One minute… Read More

Julbo Ultimate Sunglasses Review

While not as well known in the US, Julbo has been making high quality eyewear since their founding in France… Read More

Topo Magnifly 5 Review: A Stride Towards Perfection?

‍Running shoes have evolved radically over the past decade, with brands continuously experimenting with cushioning materials, outsole designs, and innovative… Read More

Bajio Hopedale Sunglasses Review

As someone who spends a lot of time fishing, I know the importance of having reliable gear, including sunglasses. When… Read More

Salomon Adv Skin 12 Review

If you check out reviews on often, you already know that I am huge fan of Salomon. I am… Read More

Topo Athletic MT-5 Review

When it comes to footwear for running, the options are as varied as the terrains we run on. From rocky… Read More

CEP Ultralight 2-in-1 Shorts Review

With a price tag of $119.95, the CEP Ultralight 2-in-1 Shorts may initially appear costly, but let's explore whether they… Read More

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