Minimalist Running Shoes

Minimalist Running Shoe Reviews

Embrace a more natural running experience with minimalist shoes! These shoes prioritize a barefoot feel with a thin sole and greater flexibility, allowing your feet to move freely and strengthen over time. But with various options on the market, choosing the right minimalist shoe can be tricky. At Active Gear Review, we help you find your perfect match. Our in-depth reviews analyze minimalist running shoes, exploring factors like sole thickness, material composition, breathability, zero-drop construction, and overall comfort during barefoot-style running. Discover unbiased recommendations to transition smoothly into minimalist running or find the perfect shoe for enhancing your natural stride. So you can experience the joy of lightweight, close-to-the-ground running!

Altra Limited Edition Escalante Racer for Chicago Fans

Altra introduces the Escalante Racer – Chicago, to commemorate racing in the Windy City with a red, blue and gray… Read More

Altra Escalante Running Shoe Review

Just when you think that you have run in every kind of shoe that is out there, Altra steps in… Read More

Skora Tempo Review

I have a love-hate relationship with minimalist running shoes. I love the weightlessness and "one-with-the-road" feel that you get...but I… Read More

Vivobarefoot Trail Freak Winterproof Shoe Review

Vivobarefoot has categorized this as an off-road shoe. I’d say!?! This shoe is a beast! Not in terms of it… Read More

Vivobarefoot Trail Freak Review

As a major proponent and user of minimalist footwear, I've run into the challenge of finding a shoe that offers… Read More

Skora Core Running Shoe Review

Skora describes the Core as "Luxury Meets Minimalism." After wearing these shoes, it is hard to disagree. I already know… Read More

Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris Review

If you are in the market for a neutral, breathable, lightweight shoe, you might want to take a moment and… Read More

Merrell Barefoot Run Vapor Glove Review

As an active proponent of minimalist footwear, I am always excited to try a new offering in the category. I… Read More

Mizuno Wave Cursoris Running Shoe Review

Mizuno has been around the running game for almost as long as people have been running. While this isn’t exactly… Read More

New Balance Minimus 10v2 Review

New Balance has long been on the forefront of the barefoot movement, and continues to be with their latest addition,… Read More

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