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Travel & Luggage Reviews

Whether you’re traveling down the road for a one-night get-away, a road trip across the country, or playing the world traveler, we have the travel gear and luggage reviews for you.  We test out products from top brands such as Eagle Creek, Osprey, The North Face, and many more.  This means instead of worrying about how your gear is going to hold up, you can focus on your adventure details.

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L Review

Camera and travel gear maker Peak Design is one of the great success stories of the modern Kickstarter economy and I’ve been fortunate to use and review a number of their products since they...

Pelican Go Case

Pelican Personal Utility GO Cases

Pelican Products, Inc., an industry leader of rugged, protective cases, unveiled the Pelican Personal Utility Cases (PUC), a new category of everyday carry cases for the adventure-ready consumer. The Pelican PUC family features two lines...

BagSmart Xpedition 20L

Best Backpacks for Everyday Gear Carry

The backpack is such an undervalued item, that we often forget exactly how significant it can be. For a lot of us it’s the bag in which we stash all the gear necessary to...

Pelican Vault

VAULT by Pelican – Affordable and Rugged Cases

Handle Without Care. Pelican Products, Inc., known for its premium high performance cases including the Pelican™ Air, classic Protector Case™ and Storm Case™ lines, has released a new collection of rugged cases, aptly named...